Song / Video of the Day: Wennink – Dissolve

February 18, 2017 by riotwashere in Music 0 comments
Song / Video of the Day: Wennink – Dissolve

“Dissolve” has been haunting me for a few weeks now.  Every time that sombre piano hits after the initial glitch, I find my mood instantly resets. I give sole focus to the song every single time.  I mean hell, “Dissolve” made me get on here and write this, that’s the power within it. It’s stunning, clever, thought provoking and pulls you into another dimension, where only you and the song exist for a moment.

“Dissolve” makes me reflect on me and my day, rather than focusing on anyone else or even the song itself (and the intricacies contained within it) – it’s happy to just take me on a journey.  So my day huh? Today, I got the Santa Cruz blue hand with the mouth inside it tattooed on me and it looks rad, I worked all day (still am) and I’m currently waiting on the second burrito from Essex Taco in the Lower East Side on busy Friday night, within one hour, because it was that divine – I also just got called to check I actually wanted the second burrito!  It’s the first time Seamless and I have done express re-order and it’s dangerous.

I was going to just put “Dissolve” up as a “Song of the Day” as that is the only way I had digested it until tonight.  Just before posting, however, I decided to check out the video and it is a great display of talent and animation in its own right.  As such, it only seems fitting to show both the song and the video together.  The video was directed and animated by Alex Dunford using a mixture of Cinema 4d and After Effects.

There’s many more song and video recommendations coming from RIOT so just watch this space, we’re literally dripping in musical inspiration at the moment.  The music we’re hearing in the first two months of 2017 is as good as the culmination of all of 2016.

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