Song / Video of the Day: Wennink – Dissolve
February 18, 2017 in Music

“Dissolve” has been haunting me for a few weeks now.  Every time that sombre piano hits after the initial glitch, I find my mood instantly resets. I give sole focus to the song every single time.  I mean hell, “Dissolve” made me get on here and write this, that’s the power within it. It’s stunning, clever, thought provoking and pulls you into another dimension, where only you and the song exist for a moment. “Dissolve” makes me reflect on me and my day, rather than focusing on anyone else or even the song itself (and the intricacies contained within it) – it’s happy to just take me on a journey.  So my day huh? Today, I got the Santa Cruz blue hand with the mouth inside it tattooed on me and it looks rad, I worked all day (still am) and I’m currently waiting on the second burrito from Essex Taco in the Lower East Side on busy Friday night, within one hour, because it was that divine – I also just got called to check I actually wanted the second burrito!  It’s the first time Seamless and I have done express re-order and it’s dangerous. I was going to just put “Dissolve” up as […]

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Song / Video of the Day: “Half Below” by TEPR
October 12, 2016 in Music, Film

We’re always on the look out for a good track to work too. If you get the right song, where you just can’t help but jive with it, then you’re golden. You’re inspired, your ass is moving back and forth in the seat – you’re just generally far more happy with your current situation because of that song. Well “Half Below” by TEPR is our latest “song to work to” gem that we discovered and just can’t get enough of. We were so inspired in fact that we also put together some of our own imagery inspired by listening to the song on loop. We recommend you listen to the song a bunch of times before actually moving on to the video at all. Fall in love with the song first and the video gives you this awesome addition to something you weren’t sure could get better. The song version is 5:55 in length, whereas the video version is just a minuscule 2:14 – although it packs a massive punch in that short time with some fantastic inspiring visuals that are unique, well done and funny (our favorite being the skull kitting himself with his bones as if he is […]

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Song Of The Day: Kate Tempest – Europe Is Lost
September 13, 2016 in Music, Featured

“Europe is Lost” is Kate Tempest’s protest to the world’s current state of affairs through her lens. It’s an instant hook for anyone listening, with hats tipping towards Cypress Hill in the beat, while Kate spits rhymes with absolute style and lyrical prowess driven by her fantastic British accent. She paints a vivid picture of her world, her take on immigration, the police, selfie culture, life on the weekend in her hometown and many other relevant topics. Her rhymes are relentless and, while she focuses on her close locale, she discusses the bigger picture of the world. “Europe is Lost” challenges a plethora of issues which we’re always a fan of, whether we agree with the content or not (the immigrant / patriotism mentions for example). We’d rather have someone state their thoughts and opinions freely, than suffer the blatant censorship we see all around us. A challenging one for sure, but well worth giving it time.

Song Of The Day: M83 – Do It, Try It
September 7, 2016 in Music

This is a perfectly odd song. It begins with a weird chant that keeps telling you to “Do It” and “Try It” over a very cool 90s sounding piano straight out of the Euro Dance era. After a brief verse the chorus drops perfectly and turns into some molly filled warehouse rave anthem before switching to a sweeney synth solo, that follows with the most fun and bounciest bass sound we have potentially ever heard! We honesty don’t know how M83 keeps creating such amazing movie inspired musical masterpieces. You can literally put their music under any edit and it will look better because of it! We also decided to embed the awesomely weird animated talking dog head version M83 has on his Youtube that was created by blør because, well, who doesn’t like a singing dog head in space?

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Song Of The Day: Maribou State feat. Pedestrian – The Clown
September 1, 2016 in Music

We take a lot of inspiration from music. We probably have music on in the background as we work 80% of the time. As part of our daily ritual we also curate the best new music through our other website where only the greatest songs or music videos will make it ensuring you can be comfortable just visiting the AltSounds site and letting it do the rest for you! Amongst an already great bunch of songs there are some that stand out as truly exceptional. These are the songs that we will feature here as and when they occur. The exceptional ones are the songs that you just can’t get past. By the end, you click back and listen again and again and again. Our first installation of this feature is “The Clown” by Maribou State, featuring Pedestrian and released on Counter Records. From the piano sound, through the mellow vocal tones to the after hours vibed beat and cool backwards strings at the end, “The Clown” literally has everything you could possibly want out of a song. Our true love for this song became apparent while driving, top-down through Hollywood. The weather was glorious and “The Clown” proved […]

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