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RIOT was founded with one aim: form a collaborative creative agency and production company telling unique stories that provide our viewers with a whole new take on creativity. A New York City based Creative Agency we avoid rudimentary, old-school, text book thought & creative processes and prefer to remain as creatively open minded as possible.  

We smash creativity blocking walls and we annihilate the rules & regulations that have stifled both the creative and agency world far too long - mixing creative with technology to offer breathtaking results. RIOT is a ground breaking, earth shattering, New York City Creative Agency where future fresh ideas create pioneering results.

Washington Commanders football player Antonio Gibson from NYC creative agency shoot

RIOT is a symphony of divergent thoughts, a tapestry woven from threads of daring ideas, and a beacon that shines brighter in the collaboration of minds.

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Established 2015 in New York City's East Village

Our Creative Agency was founded by @mug5 during the summer of 2015 on the top floor of the Stomp theater in the East Village of New York City

RIOT has been proudly headquartered in the New York City tri-state area since our formation. Over the years since, our creative agency has forged amazing friendships with some of the world's most prestigious brands to become one of the leading creative agencies in NYC and beyond – something we're extremely proud of.

We love the people we work with so much that we refer to them as friends, not clients - promoting the honest feel that you only get from your BFFs. Our friends often lean on us in times of need and RIOT is the BFF they can always rely on to come through, regardless of the seemingly impossible circumstances.

While we're New York City based, we collaborate with friends across the globe. Feel free to reach out to discuss collaborating together even if you're located on the other side of the world. We're excited to connect with you all, to discuss your needs and to forge our next friendship.

Material World: Campaign Film

RIOT is a crucible where creative spirits are kindled, a stage where innovative sagas unfold. We are the mavericks, the dream weavers, the relentless pursuers of the extraordinary.


More than simply a Creative Agency, we're a full service Production Studio featuring a motion controlled robot arm

RIOT stands not just as a creative agency but as a beacon of imagination and technical wizardry. Our creative studios are a sanctuary for the avant-garde, a space reserved for the mavericks and the visionaries.
Our private enclaves of creation feature two distinct creative studios. The first, a cyclorama studio is a bastion where the boundless potential of creativity meets the pinnacle of technological innovation–capturing everything from the spark in an eye to the swagger of a stride. The second, our sun-kissed daylight studio, doubles as a fully equipped resonant live audio room, echoing with the rhythms of music and the pulse of innovation. Connectivity courses through the veins of our creative studios. Equipped with 3G-SDI and 10G ethernet, our setup is primed for producing live-switched spectacles and streaming content that transcends the traditional.

Sustainability isn't a buzzword at RIOT; it's our creed. We infuse our productions with a consciousness that spans from the curated furniture that adorns our spaces to the materials we champion, all while giving new life to the old, ensuring our creativity leaves a gentle footprint. Imagine a place where work feels like play, and the amenities spark joy. Our 90's vintage Pepsi machine dispenses nostalgia on the house, while a kitchen brimming with wholesome treats fuels your creative fires. Over a thousand vintage video games await at our arcade, ready to transport you to pixelated paradises.

We are meticulously crafting a digital showcase to transport you into our NYC creative studios. Until then, we invite you to lose yourself in our Instagram gallery, a portal to the endless possibilities that unfold within RIOT’s walls.

Our Creative Agency is collaborative, creative, bold, inspired, passionate, daring, nostalgic, colorful, unique, human, inclusive, individual, energetic and refreshing.

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    RIOT is a call to the bold, to the visionaries seeking a partner in their creative quest.

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