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RIOT was founded with one aim: form a collaborative creative agency and production company that tells unique stories while offering a whole new take on creativity. A New York City based Creative Agency we avoid rudimentary, old-school, text book thought & creative processes and prefer to remain as creatively open minded as possible across a variety of different mediums.  

We smash creativity blocking walls and we annihilate the rules & regulations that have stifled both the creative and agency world far too long - mixing creative with technology to offer breathtaking results. RIOT is a ground breaking, earth shattering, New York City Creative Agency where future fresh ideas create pioneering results.


Washington Commanders football player Antonio Gibson from NYC creative agency shoot
Washington Commanders football player Antonio Gibson from NYC creative agency shoot

Established 2015 in New York City's East Village

Our Creative Agency was founded by @mug5 during the summer of 2015 on the top floor of the Stomp theater in the East Village of New York City

RIOT has been proudly headquartered in the New York City tri-state area since our formation. Over the years since, our creative agency has forged amazing friendships with some of the world's most prestigious brands – something we're extremely proud of.

We love the people we work with so much that we refer to them as friends, not clients - promoting the honest feel that you only get from your BFFs. Our friends often lean on us in times of need and RIOT is the BFF they can always rely on to come through, regardless of the seemingly impossible circumstances. No matter what your needs, we're here to help our friends look and feel their best! What more can you ask from a creative agency you choose to collaborate with?

While we're New York City based, we collaborate with friends across the globe. Feel free to reach out to discuss collaborating together even if you're located on the other side of the world. We're excited to connect with you all, to discuss your needs and to forge our next friendship.

More than just a Creative Agency, we're a full service Production Studio

RIOT is much more than just a Creative Agency, we're also a full service, fully equipped production house. Our production studios are private and exclusive to our friends and features two creative studios: a cyclorama studio that is capable of capturing head to toe imagery and our daylight studio that also functions as a live audio room for music.

With SDI and 10G ethernet cabled in every room, we have the capability to create live switched and streamed content all the way through fully produced 8K tabletop product footage – the sky truly is the limit. Our creative studios also doubles as a prop house with a variety of stunning furniture pieces and other props that will compliment any set.

Sustainability is also important to us so we pay close attention to being as sustainable as possible in our productions – from the furniture we have filled the space with, the materials we use and by renovating / reusing items wherever possible.

With a fully stocked 90's vintage Pepsi machine on free vend, a kitchen filled with healthy snacks and over 1000 vintage video games on tap at our arcade machine we make sure our friends are at home and comfortable while they're in our creative agency's production house collaborating with us.

We're currently working on a site to fully showcase our studios. In the meantime, please enjoy this Instagram gallery which offers a brief glimpse into our creative hub.
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Connect with our creative agency

Feel free to reach out to us on our social media channels or wherever you hangout online.

HANDLE: @riotwashere
HASHTAG: #riotwashere

Holla at us. We only bite sometimes 😉 Unsolicited material welcomed.

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