Washington Commanders x RIOT

We made history creating the Washington Commanders rebrand films that helped launch their new forever identity. We are excited for our continued collaborations #HTTC!

Commanding the Future: RIOT's Game-Changing Brand Evolution for the Washington Commanders

Our partnership kicks off a new chapter in the narrative of the Washington Commanders, propelled by our game-changing approach to storytelling and branding.

At the heart of this alliance is a shared vision to drive the Washington Commanders downfield into a new era, by refreshing their visual identity and weaving a deeper connection with fans and the broader sports community. The initiative underlines a strategic pivot towards engaging, contemporary branding that respects the team's storied past while boldly stepping into the future.

Our collaboration was pivotal in the evolution of the Washington Commanders' brand from the Washington Redskins (their previous namesake). Through a transformative journey, we reimagined the way the team is perceived, elevating their story through innovative narratives that resonate with long-time supporters and a new generation of fans. The partnership is a testament to the power of our dynamic creative flow, setting a new standard for branding and content within the sports industry and beyond.
Washington Commanders: Scary Season - Riot Creative Agency

Washington Commanders: Rebranding a Legacy

Watch Washington Commanders Rebrand Film

Our partnership with the Washington Commanders stands as a landmark in sports branding, encapsulating a deep dive into the team's rich history and a bold step into its future. From the anthemic Historical Journey, which melded one-of-a-kind archival footage with contemporary visuals, to the Official Rebrand Film that captured the imagination of over 20 million viewers, RIOT has been pivotal in steering the Washington Commanders into a new era.

Further projects like the 2022 Season Trailer and the Brand Evolution Film underscore our creative versatility and ability to connect historical legacy with future aspirations.

Historical Journey & New Beginnings

Watch Washington Commanders: A Historical Journey Film

Our collaboration’s hail mary came in the shape of a cinematic film blending archival footage with RIOT-produced visuals, offering the fans an anthemic exploration of the team's rich heritage. This visual beast was followed by the New Identity Trailer, a pivotal moment broadcasted on the Today Show, heralding a new era for the team with the reveal of the Washington Redskins’ new forever name, logo, and branding.

The Official Rebrand Film marked a historic moment, not just for the Washington Redskins’ new moniker Washington Commanders but in NFL history, garnering tens of millions of views across all social platforms. Our work was also extra special as Washington Commanders were only the 11th team to ever change their brand's name and identity since the formation of the league which to us is a major creative milestone in itself. Our creative prowess didn't stop there as the 2022 Season Trailer transformed the Commanders into a championship-caliber team with superhero-like prowess, capturing the anticipation and excitement of their first season under the new moniker with visually arresting imagery and a narrative that spoke directly to the fans' hearts.

Watch Washington Commanders: Brand Evolution Film

Our journey with the Washington Commanders took us through the whole playbook of their brand evolution. The Brand Evolution Film paid homage to the team's legacy through a visually stunning narrative centered around their iconic helmets both past and present, while Command The Draft infused high-energy graphics to spotlight the team's potential draft picks, embodying the excitement of the NFL draft season and amping up the fans once again.

A Season of Spooks and Superheroes

Watch Washington Commanders: Scary Season Film

As the creative content football spun through the air, we continued our journey with more creations. With Scary Season, we ventured into a Halloween-themed narrative, intertwining the same speed, prowess, creativity, and athleticism as can be seen in the game by “Scary Terry” McLaurin, wide receiver of Washington Commanders, the player whom this film was named after.

Next in line was the introduction of Major Tuddy, the team's first-ever mascot. Not only was this another milestone in Washington Commander's history, but a game-winning play for us in the field of creative sports marketing that showcased our ability to blend humor, history, and high-energy visuals, which created a memorable debut that resonated across social media and stadium screens.

Watch Washington Commanders: Making The Mascot Film

Our next play was a follow-up for the die-hard fans with our Making The Mascot film that offered fans a unique documentary-style film that offered a deeper dive into the creation of Major Tuddy, encapsulating the meticulous craftsmanship and collaborative spirit that brought this iconic character to life, from initial concepts to its celebrated reveal.
Washington Commanders football player Antonio Gibson from NYC creative agency shoot

The Impact of RIOT's Creative Storytelling Across Sports

Our creative storytelling, particularly in collaborations with sports brands like the Washington Commanders, LA Galaxy, and SoulCycle, highlights our creative expertise in engaging narrative creations and brand identity reinvention in any sport and style.

From dynamic season openers for LA Galaxy to narrative-driven campaigns for SoulCycle, RIOT showcases an ability to craft stories that resonate deeply with audiences, enhancing brand visibility and fan engagement.

Our approach has proven effective in not just retaining interest but also attracting new followers, showcasing our role in expanding brand footprints in their respective markets through innovative storytelling techniques.

A Legacy of Innovation and Engagement

Through our diverse projects, we exemplify how creative storytelling and technological innovation can merge to forge deep connections between brands and their audiences. Whether it's reimagining the identity of an NFL team or energizing the branding of a fitness powerhouse, RIOT consistently pushes the boundaries of what's possible in sports marketing.

Our creations with Washington Commanders and beyond not only highlight RIOT's prowess in narrative crafting across different mediums but also our role as a leading creative agency and catalyst in driving engagement and redefining brand identities to boost team spirits and fan loyalty.

Join us in this bold venture where we continuously reshape the landscape of sports branding and digital marketing.
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