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Red Bull Kumite: Times Square Live Stream OOH Screen Graphics

Back in March, we took on a pretty intense project for the 2024 Red Bull Kumite, right in the heart of Times Square. Our job? Design and create the graphics for the event, making sure the games looked amazing on a massive 8K corner screen in New York City. We crafted the fullscreen visual experience, with graphics seamlessly laid over live camera feeds, resulting in a high-end and visually stunning display. Red Bull Kumite is one of the must-watch tournaments on the Street Fighter and Fighting Game Community calendar, featuring 16 of the world's top Street Fighter players battling for the title of Red Bull Kumite Champion. The atmosphere was electric, with onlookers and participants alike immersed in the intense action and breathtaking visuals. The event was streamed live on Red Bull Gaming's Twitch and YouTube channels, giving a global audience of hundreds of thousands a front-row seat. Plus, the 360,000 people who pass through Times Square each day got to experience the excitement. The vibrant graphics and the thrill of playing on such a grand stage made the event unforgettable. One attendee even said, "The energy in Times Square was palpable, and the graphics on the big screen were […]

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Nutrafol x Sephora: Skin

We teamed up with Nutrafol and Sephora to bring their Skin Nutraceutical project to life, a journey that dared us to celebrate the unadulterated allure of natural beauty. This creative collaboration allowed us to zoom in closer than ever, capturing silent narratives woven into the essence of our subject's visage. Nestled within the vibrant heart of NYC, our creative studio transformed into a crucible of creativity. Amidst our space, we rediscovered a treasure of portraiture—our mid-century modern studio's original, 40s era skylight dome. [caption id="attachment_6342" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Nutrafol X Sephora - Skylight We’re proud to have one of the most unique light sources.[/caption] This architectural relic became our source of natural illumination, casting a radiant glow that embraced our model in the soft embrace of perfectly diffused daylight. This unique lighting setup allowed us to capture the ephemeral charm of natural light. The outcome? A film where the genuine, ethereal allure of authenticity eclipses any commonplace, artificial brightness. This project hinged on the delicate balance of light and subtlety to highlight our model's natural beauty, aligning seamlessly with the brand's Skin palette. Clad in colors reflecting Nutrafol's range, our model transcended being merely a campaign face to embody Nutrafol's nurturing spirit. The fusion of visuals and narrative crafts a cohesive story. Enhanced by crisp, understated animations, we create an experience that unfolds gradually, inviting viewers on a captivating journey. This creative collaboration was all about the art of subtlety and the power of light to perfectly haromonize our model's natural beauty. Dressed in hues that echo the brand's Skin palette, our model wasn't just a face for the campaign; she was the embodiment of Nutrafol's nurturing spirit. The fusion of visuals and narrative crafts a cohesive story.

  Enhanced by crisp, understated animations, we create an experience that unfolds gradually, inviting viewers on a captivating journey. We meticulously shaped the soundscape, choosing the perfect capsule from our Blue Bottle tube microphone collection to complement our narrator's voice. This selection highlighted her natural tones, adding warmth and inviting depth, weaving the narrative together with crystal-clear coherence. From innovative lighting techniques to embracing the beauty of nature, each aspect was carefully curated to highlight Nutrafol's core values as a brand. Immerse yourself in the story with the film featured above, and explore our curated selection of visuals in the gallery below.

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The Art and Craft of Tiffany’s 2023 Holiday Windows

Step into the world of elegance and creativity with RIOT's latest film on Tiffany's 2023 Holiday Windows. Experience the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation as we delve into the making of these iconic displays. See how RIOT's cinematic expertise brings to life the intricate details and artistic vision of Tiffany's beloved holiday tradition.

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Nutrafol: Youtube & OTT Hair Wellness Campaign

Nutrafol Wellness Campaign: For WomenLife ChangesChronicling personal and professional transitions, from life's joys to its challenges, we explored their profound impact on hair wellness.Lifestyle TriggersA delicately weaved tale of everyday habits that inadvertently shape hair health, highlighting the importance of awareness and proactive care.Thinning StatVenturing into the reality where over half of women grapple with thinning hair, we presented both the challenges and the healing pathways.Nutrafol Wellness Campaign: For MenGeneticsA thoughtful reflection on genetics and their enduring influence on hair's vitality and resilience.Thinning StatA stark presentation, focusing on the unsettling fact that over 80% of men face hair thinning, urging introspection and proactive measures.Sexual PerformanceEngaging in an earnest dialogue, this narrative unveiled the intersections between hair supplements and the concerns of male vigor.Nutrafol Wellness Campaign: For BothMelding the stories of both genders, we crafted additional films that celebrated universality. Highlighting concerns and solutions shared by all, Nutrafol's diverse product range became the harmonizing chord.Lifestyle TriggersLife ChangesThinning StatNutrafol Wellness Campaign: Over The Top (OTT) VersionsWomen: Life Changes OTTMen: Sexual Performance OTTFor Both: Lifestyle Triggers OTT

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Nutrafol x Sephora: Product Range Launch

Nutrafol x Sephora: Nutraceutical Product FilmsDiscover the product films we created for each of the Nutrafol nutraceutical supplements that will be available for sale @ Sephora.Women'sWomen's VeganWomen's BalancePostpartumMen'sNutrafol x Sephora: Hair Care Product FilmsDiscover the product films we created for each of the Nutrafol hair care products that will be available for sale @ Sephora.Strand DefenderRoot PurifierStress RelieverHair SerumBuild-Up BlockerStill curious?We put together this blog article to give you a further look behind the curtains of this project. From storyboards through BTS imagery, our journal article will give the curious folks a deeper insight into this comprehensive creative collaboration.#2024 UpdateWe teamed up with Nutrafol once again to update a few of the original videos to develop a renewed visual experience and some minor updates to the products. With meticulous attention to detail, we captured the voiceovers in our creative studios, each nuance finely tuned with our Blue Bottle microphones to enrich the viewer's auditory journey. The update of Nutrafol's hair serum name presented a unique challenge, seamlessly integrating new voiceovers with the existing footage.

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Coach: (Re)Loved – Remade Rexy Puzzle

We created a stop-motion animation film and used intricate ASMR sound design to bring Coach's (Re)Loved – Remade Rexy Puzzle to life.

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Coach: (Re)Loved – Remade Bear

A cozy, warm, and fuzzy film that is full of magic and offers an authentic look at the Coach (Re)Loved Remade Bear, made from repurposed products.

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Tiffany: Holiday 2022 Sizzle

As we continue to reflect on the year gone past we are excited to share a holiday sizzle reel that we created for Tiffany & Co. This sizzle reel was created for the internal Tiffany creative team to highlight all the holiday creations that every Tiffany department was planning on releasing during the 2022 holiday season. From campaign films, to window displays, all the way through planned retail pop-ups, our sizzle was used to create a buzz across all of the Tiffany departments in advance of the holiday season. Our sizzle reel also highlights the Tiffany & Co. x Andy Warhol Collection that launched this holiday season, with reimagined Andy Warhol drawings taken from the Tiffany archives earlier in the year. From 1957 to 1962, Tiffany enlisted the help of Andy Warhol to create a series of holiday cards that captured the essence of the festive season through his unique illustrations.

  Throughout the sizzle reel, we combined Tiffany holiday assets from adverting campaigns for a cinematic feel and used Andy Warhol's original drawings from sketchbooks that were scanned as high-resolution images. We cut out different hand-drawn illustrations to create unique animations and motion that add to the playful holiday vibe. You'll see Andy's colorful birds, Christmas trees and ornaments moving across many different clips that add an extra unique look and feel to the sizzle reel. A personal favorite of our creative agency was creating Andy Warhol snowfall using one sketched snowflake and a particle generator! Watch the Tiffany: Holiday 2022 Sizzle in the player above and take a look at a few screengrabs from the clip below.

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Cartier: The Iconic Age

Produced, Directed, Creative Direction, Photography, Animation, Color, Edited, GFX, Motion

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Aerospike – Manifesto Film

We created a cinematic trailer for real-time data platform Aerospike that breaks the norms of a conventional corporate video.

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