Coach: (Re)Loved – Remade Rexy Puzzle

October 29, 2022
Coach: (Re)Loved – Remade Rexy Puzzle

Part two of our newest collaboration with our friends over at Coach for their (Re)Loved ReMade campaign has just dropped and we couldn’t wait to share it! The Coach (Re)Loved campaign’s goal is to contribute to a circular ecosystem by finding new ways to create products that reuse materials that would usually be sent to landfill.

The Remade Rexy Puzzle is the follow-up to the adorable Remade Bear film we made that’s already been viewed over half a million times on their social media channels in a couple of days with Coach lovers leaving amazing comments likeIf I couldn’t love Coach anymore. Effective sustainability in fashion.” and “So fantastic!!! Love it. Keeping the lux while keeping it sustainable. Can’t get any better. Can’t wait to get one!“.

Reimagined, Refurbished, (Re)Loved

Our :6 version brings the concept down to one simple shot as seen above.

Again shot in our very own creative agency studios, this film honors the delicate and humble creation process by the amazing craftspeople at Coach. This time the #RexyTheCoachDino is a nostalgic play on the wooden dinosaur puzzles we built as kids.

We used the magical art of stop-motion animation, and intricate ASMR sound design to bring Rexy to life. A variety of different animation techniques were used for this one including traditional stop motion, hyper lapse stop motion, hand drawn animation overlays and puppeting to give the viewer a fun film that sees Rexy accidentally scaring everything in the room away with his big roar. Turns out though, that in reality Rexy is a timid sweetheart and at the end of the film we see him looking around wondering where everyone has gone.

A timelapse of the animation process for the Rexy reveal at the end of the film

In just a few days there has been an amazing response to our Rexy Puzzle film with one person stating “Oh, I love, love the animation! ❤️“. Another person wrote “The scream 😂, this is cute coach🤎. I’m happy you’re using preloved items to create cool pieces.” With someone else stating “These videos are adorable and hilarious“. It’s always such a pleasure to read amazing feedback like this and we’re very thankful that all of the Coach customers are enjoying our work so much!

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