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CreateSmarts: Relax, creativity comes after

Creativity is demanding. It’s exciting, challenging, and sometimes exhausting. Creative blocks can hit you at any moment. You still need to meet deadlines. This sometimes means working through the night, or until the early hours of the morning or for an endless amount of hours. Given this amount of pressure, some of us wipe out. If you don’t give yourself time away from work, even for a few days you’re most likely to experience a decline in your health and your business. This comes in many forms, and you may not notice them until the worst possible moment.   Reward yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back every now and again. More so when you’re working on a tight deadline or a large project that’s taking up a lot of time. This could be just taking one day off, with no interaction with work projects. Take some time for you and explore something you’ve always wanted to do. A show, a film, whatever it is. Lift. Heavy shit.  As you’ve heard time and time again, exercise is a miracle cure for many things in life. So, get down to the gym, or lift some weights in the house. Again, […]

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BookSmarts: What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School
September 21, 2016 by Jack Stovin in Books 0 Comments

As much as we love to dive headfirst into the latest TV series, music videos and albums to grab influence and inspiration, we also love the complicated simplicity of words. Hanging on RIOTs Creative Agency office walls’ in New York City is incredible artwork that we take daily inspiration from, and sat comfortably on our shelves are a collection of books we use as bibles and motivational speakers. The more we read here at RIOT, the more we write. You’ll find us heavily typing away through the night and vigorously flipping through pages and pages of a diverse range of reading material. Our latest page-turner is by a man dubbed as “the most powerful man in sport”, and the founder of IMG (International Management Group) with a simple handshake. Mark McCormack’s book ‘What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School’ is his twist on an autobiography. His masterful approach to solving peoples’ problems in business, also relates to this informative and inspirational book that essentially tells you his 25 years of experience in a way that’s interesting, and more educational than a book about his whole life. We love thinking outside the box, and Mark McCormack’s business-mind was way […]

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