Washington Commanders: Scary Season

October 30, 2022
Washington Commanders: Scary Season

With the 2022 NFL season in full swing, our collaboration with the Washington Commanders continues. The team asked us to create a new film for their social media channels to help build hype for today’s game against the Indianapolis Colts. After the Commanders big win last week, it was important that the Commanders remained in the W column. And that they did!

Just in time for Halloween, a series of spooky events have been unfolding and we wanted to have a little fun and highlight them throughout the film. The story goes that quarterback (QB) Taylor Heinicke only started last season due to the original starting quarterback being injured.

The opening shot from our film sets the scene for what is about to commence.

This season it has happened again, with draft pick QB Carson Wentz playing the first six games before getting injured with Heinicke standing in as a replacement.

During the first six games superstar Wide Receiver Scary Terry McLaurin and Carson Wentz couldn’t quite find their rhythm together. And so entered Taylor Heinicke, who seemingly has a way of finding Scary Terry during play. It’s all a little bit freaky how well this is playing out.

To highlight these weird coincidences and superpowers, we wanted to follow on from our previous films by continuing to highlight the Washington Commanders as if they were starring in their own movie. This time we used a juxtaposition of colored looks to represent different worlds within the movie, adding a black and white cyborg, deus ex machina vibe of the players going to battle.

The initial exploration concept we shared, showcasing our intended vibe for the film.

Represented as superheroes in stylish fashion, we put on our own hero capes on in the creative studios during the editing process to painstakingly achieve the glowing eye effect by frame-by-frame masking everything twice for each shot, and every person in it! With the addition of hand animated lens flares, handheld camera shakes, slow motion and speed ramp effects we added impact, making our film stand on the edge of the screen for the viewers.

To tie it all together we bent the creative rules once again by playing with the Commanders logo so it would bleed and melt on the final clip for extra scary Halloween vibes.

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