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LA Galaxy: Afrojack Teaser Film

Experience the mesmerizing teaser film announcing Afrojack for the LA Galaxy vs. LAFC match at the Rose Bowl. A visual journey through interstellar space that captivates from the first frame.

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IWC Schaffhausen: NYC Flagship Film

IWC Schaffhausen, the pinnacle of Swiss luxury watchmaking, tasked us with a high-stakes project: to create a compelling video for their brand-new flagship store at the legendary corner of 60th and Madison Avenue in NYC.

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LA Galaxy: DJ Alesso Teaser Film

In a groundbreaking collaboration with LA Galaxy, RIOT has once again pushed the boundaries of creative innovation, this time for the much-anticipated 2024 season opener where multi-platinum DJ and producer Alesso performed during the match against Inter Miami CF at Dignity Health Sports Park. The concept was clear from the outset: to transport LA Galaxy into the cosmic realm, symbolizing a new era of unparalleled experiences both on and off the field. Our team envisioned a journey that was not just a visual feast but an immersive narrative, leading viewers through a galaxy of fantasy and space-driven imagery. From satellites navigating extreme space weather to the mysterious depths of anti-gravity liquids and rivers, every frame was meticulously crafted to captivate and intrigue. “This project stands as a testament to the magic that unfolds when artists are given the liberty to explore, create, and innovate without constraints.” Sound design played a pivotal role in this interstellar voyage, with meticulously synchronized shots leading to an explosive Alesso drop, propelling the teaser into the stratosphere. The music, provided by Alesso himself, was not just a backdrop but the heartbeat of the video, elevating the visual experience into a sensory explosion. The narrative was […]

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Red Bull Kumite: Times Square Live Stream OOH Screen Graphics

Back in March, we took on a pretty intense project for the 2024 Red Bull Kumite, right in the heart of Times Square. Our job? Design and create the graphics for the event, making sure the games looked amazing on a massive 8K corner screen in New York City. We crafted the fullscreen visual experience, with graphics seamlessly laid over live camera feeds, resulting in a high-end and visually stunning display. Red Bull Kumite is one of the must-watch tournaments on the Street Fighter and Fighting Game Community calendar, featuring 16 of the world's top Street Fighter players battling for the title of Red Bull Kumite Champion. The atmosphere was electric, with onlookers and participants alike immersed in the intense action and breathtaking visuals. The event was streamed live on Red Bull Gaming's Twitch and YouTube channels, giving a global audience of hundreds of thousands a front-row seat. Plus, the 360,000 people who pass through Times Square each day got to experience the excitement. The vibrant graphics and the thrill of playing on such a grand stage made the event unforgettable. One attendee even said, "The energy in Times Square was palpable, and the graphics on the big screen were […]

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LA Galaxy: Season Opener 2024

More edits and loopsWe created a range of different assets for this campaignLA Galaxy: It's Gonna Get Messy!Cinemagraph LoopsIt's About To Get MessyOffical Social Media PostsWe created this Cinemegraph loop and more for their social channelsInstagram View this post on Instagram A post shared by LA Galaxy (@lagalaxy) View this post on Instagram A post shared by LA Galaxy (@lagalaxy) Facebook Season Opener GalleryA collection of just some of our favorite visuals from this creation Close

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AEG’s 2023 Highlights: LA Galaxy and LA Kings Triumphs

Dive into AEG's memorable 2023 journey with LA Galaxy and LA Kings, captured in a thrilling portfolio showcase. Relive the moments that defined an extraordinary year in LA sports.

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LA Galaxy x Omega: Small Plan Big Impact

Discover the inspiring collaboration in 'LA Galaxy x Omega: Small Plan Big Impact,' where football meets entrepreneurship. Join LA Galaxy players as they explore local businesses, blending their passion for soccer with diverse interests like interior design, culinary arts, and fashion. This unique web series, sponsored by Omega Accounting Solutions, celebrates creativity, community, and the unexpected intersections of sports and local enterprises.

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Nutrafol: Youtube & OTT Hair Wellness Campaign

Nutrafol Wellness Campaign: For WomenLife ChangesChronicling personal and professional transitions, from life's joys to its challenges, we explored their profound impact on hair wellness.Lifestyle TriggersA delicately weaved tale of everyday habits that inadvertently shape hair health, highlighting the importance of awareness and proactive care.Thinning StatVenturing into the reality where over half of women grapple with thinning hair, we presented both the challenges and the healing pathways.Nutrafol Wellness Campaign: For MenGeneticsA thoughtful reflection on genetics and their enduring influence on hair's vitality and resilience.Thinning StatA stark presentation, focusing on the unsettling fact that over 80% of men face hair thinning, urging introspection and proactive measures.Sexual PerformanceEngaging in an earnest dialogue, this narrative unveiled the intersections between hair supplements and the concerns of male vigor.Nutrafol Wellness Campaign: For BothMelding the stories of both genders, we crafted additional films that celebrated universality. Highlighting concerns and solutions shared by all, Nutrafol's diverse product range became the harmonizing chord.Lifestyle TriggersLife ChangesThinning StatNutrafol Wellness Campaign: Over The Top (OTT) VersionsWomen: Life Changes OTTMen: Sexual Performance OTTFor Both: Lifestyle Triggers OTT

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LA Galaxy: Rose Bowl Campaign

Match Day -1 Hype FilmRose Bowl Ticket Push TrailerLA Galaxy VS LAFC: Rose Bowl Campaign Gallery Close LA Galaxy VS LAFC: Rose Bowl Campaign Social Media Presence View this post on Instagram A post shared by LA Galaxy (@lagalaxy) View this post on Instagram A post shared by LA Galaxy (@lagalaxy) View this post on Instagram A post shared by LA Galaxy (@lagalaxy) The countdown begins now 🌹7.04.23 — This is for LA.— LA Galaxy (@LAGalaxy) June 26, 2023 This rivalry always means more.Tomorrow, we battle for LA.— LA Galaxy (@LAGalaxy) July 4, 2023 Our LA. Our Galaxy.Today is for LA.— LA Galaxy (@LAGalaxy) July 4, 2023

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