AEG’s 2023 Highlights: LA Galaxy and LA Kings Triumphs

AEG’s 2023 Highlights: LA Galaxy and LA Kings Triumphs

2023 was a year that will be etched in the annals of Los Angeles sports history, a testament to the resilience, passion, and unwavering spirit of two of the city’s most beloved teams: LA Galaxy and LA Kings. RIOT, in its latest sizzle reel, has masterfully encapsulated these moments, crafting a narrative that’s not just about sports but about the heart of a city united by its champions.

A Derby for the Ages & A King’s Farewell

The LA Galaxy, amidst the fervor of a city that breathes soccer, set a new Major League Soccer attendance record when they faced off against LAFC at the Rose Bowl Stadium. The match, which marked the 28th MLS regular-season match held on July 4th for the Galaxy, saw a staggering 82,110 fans in attendance, a number that didn’t just break records; it shattered expectations.

On the ice, the LA Kings paid homage to a legend. Dustin Brown, the first King to lift the Stanley Cup, had his number 23 retired in a ceremony that was about more than accolades; it was about honoring a legacy. With his jersey rising to the rafters of the Arena, Brown’s contribution to the sport and the community was celebrated, a fitting tribute to a player whose impact was as much about heart as it was about skill.

The Making of a Reel

The RIOT team, with their fingers on the pulse of storytelling, wove together the footage provided to celebrate these teams’ triumphant moments. The process, led by a crafted script, helped shape the story they wanted to tell – a story of triumph, unity, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

As the reel unfolds, it’s clear that the heart of Los Angeles beats to the rhythm of its sports teams. The Galaxy‘s record-breaking match and the Kings’ tribute to a stalwart player serve as reminders of LA’s rich sports culture. The sizzle reel is more than a recap; it’s an inspiration, a call to the city to rally behind its teams, and a nod to the tireless efforts of everyone at AEG who made these moments possible.

As the reel ends with the powerful tagline “Our Heartbeat. Our Home.”, it does more than just conclude a video; it encapsulates a sentiment shared by every fan, every player, and every member of the AEG family. 2023 was a year of victories, both on the field and on the ice, and this sizzle reel from RIOT is a resounding celebration of those triumphs.

We invite you to continue the celebration and explore more of our creative agency work with LA Galaxy. Witness the artistry and emotion that goes into capturing the essence of victory and teamwork here.

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