The Art and Craft of Tiffany’s 2023 Holiday Windows

The Art and Craft of Tiffany’s 2023 Holiday Windows

“Light through diamonds is such an abstract idea, but is truly at the center of everything we do,” muses Christopher Young, the creative mind orchestrating the enchantment of Tiffany & Co.’s holiday windows. As the Vice President and Creative Director of Creative Visual Merchandising at Tiffany, Young is a master at transforming abstract concepts into mesmerizing visual experiences. This year, RIOT had the unique privilege of capturing the behind-the-scenes magic of these iconic windows, revealing the intricate craftsmanship and creative journey that brings them to life.

Artisan placing a sparkling Tiffany ring in its box in front of a backlit geometric window display, showcasing intricate light patterns

A moment of precision as a Tiffany artisan sets a radiant ring against the backdrop of the 2023 holiday window display, where light and geometry meet.

The Visionary Behind the Windows

Christopher Young’s role at Tiffany & Co. transcends mere design; it’s about storytelling through jewels and craftsmanship. His approach to the 2023 holiday windows was no different. “Everything comes from sketches. We build models. We construct things with our hands,” Young explains. This hands-on approach, starting from the smallest detail to the largest expanse, is a testament to the dedication and artistry that Tiffany is renowned for.

Christopher Young, Tiffany's VP Creative Director, intently observing the intricate holiday window display, highlighting a fusion of light and craftsmanship.

Christopher Young, the creative force behind Tiffany’s illustrious holiday windows, gazes upon the 2023 display, a tapestry of light and precision.

It’s important to note the distinctive role RIOT played in this creative endeavor. Our focus was on capturing the intricate craftsmanship and detailed workshop scenes, the essence of Tiffany’s holiday windows coming to life. While other production companies were responsible for other aspects like filming Christopher Young in his private workshop and the final window installations, it was RIOT that brought to light the meticulous process behind these stunning displays. Through our lenses, viewers get a rare glimpse into the heart of Tiffany’s creative process – the hands-on artistry and dedication that breathes life into each piece. Capturing this artistic journey was a task RIOT took on with enthusiasm and precision. Using RED Raptor and Komodo cameras, and with additional support from New York photographer Adrian Nina, RIOT documented the transformation from sketches to reality. Filmed at Spaeth Designs in Queens, New York, the footage showcases the legendary craftsmanship synonymous with both Tiffany and New York’s grandeur.

The Journey from Sketch to Spectacle

The creation of Tiffany’s holiday windows is an exercise in meticulousness and creative fervor. Young’s team, collaborating with various artisans, brought these sketches to life, creating not just displays but narratives that resonate with every viewer. “We start with the smallest detail to the largest expanse,” Young notes, emphasizing the comprehensive nature of the Tiffany holiday window creative process.

Design proposal for Tiffany's 2023 Holiday Window featuring a diamond aperture with Swarovski crystal layers and an etched-mirror detail.

Preview of Tiffany & Co.’s Window 1: Diamonds design proposal, showcasing the proposed aperture concept with layers of radiance and reflection for the 2023 holiday season.

Central to the 2023 design was the iconic Tiffany setting. “The idea of six facets played into the geometry of our window design,” Young remarks, bridging the gap between Tiffany’s storied past and its contemporary expression. This year’s design aimed to be both modern and artistic, a reflection of Tiffany’s evolving aesthetic.

Creating Connections and Memories

Beyond the glittering jewelry, Young aims to evoke emotions. “I hope what people feel when they stand on the sidewalk and look at our Tiffany windows is a sense of connection, a sense of optimism, a sense of joy.” It’s this emotional connection that transforms the viewing of the windows from a mere visual experience to a memorable journey.

In the end, it’s about more than just showcasing stunning jewelry; it’s about crafting an environment, a setting that lingers in the memory long after the holiday season. Christopher Young, with the artistic documentation by RIOT, ensures that the 2023 Tiffany holiday windows are not just a display but a celebration of craftsmanship, creativity, and the enduring allure of Tiffany & Co.

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