LA Galaxy: Season Opener 2024

LA Galaxy: Season Opener 2024

In our latest collaboration with the LA Galaxy team, we set out to create a dynamic trailer for their social media platforms, sparking excitement among fans for the first home match of the 2024 season against Inter Miami CF.

Utilizing stunning visuals of the cloud-enshrouded LA skyline, we designed a teaser that not only boosts LA Galaxy’s brand but also connects it with the infinite expanse of the cosmos and the limitless nature of dreams. This endeavor went beyond merely advertising a match; it aimed to craft a scene where the Galaxy ascends beyond the clouds.


In the video, we intricately blend custom motion graphics with deep textures, inspired by the vintage charm of old VHS tapes. The trailer flickers with glitches, evoking the feeling of rediscovering a cherished memory. This creative direction wasn’t just for style; it represents the enduring legacy of LA Galaxy.

Originally crafted for landscape viewing, we adapted the project for various screen aspect ratios and sizes which posed distinct challenges. Yet, this process highlighted our dedication to quality and adaptability, ensuring the trailer’s effect resonated on every device.


This project showcases our creative studio’s forward-thinking approach to storytelling and production. By merging advanced visuals with narratives that are rich in culture, we’ve not only paid homage to the essence of LA Galaxy but also raised the bar for sports marketing.

Behind the Scenes: Unseen Creativity

While we’re incredibly proud of our “LA Galaxy: Season Opener 2024” campaign, we also had an ambitious concept that didn’t make it to the screen. Discover the story behind our unproduced ad, “Beckham’s Call,” a creative vision that explores Beckham’s journey and a tantalizing twist involving Messi. Read more about this unrealized creation in our latest journal entry.

Experience the main trailer at the top and discover additional content below.

More edits and loops

We created a range of different assets for this campaign

LA Galaxy: It's Gonna Get Messy!

Cinemagraph Loops

It's About To Get Messy

Offical Social Media Posts

We created this Cinemegraph loop and more for their social channels



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