LA Galaxy: Rose Bowl Campaign

LA Galaxy: Rose Bowl Campaign

2023 was the start of our creative journey with Major League Soccer superstars, LA Galaxy. Our original creation was an opening trailer for the season which highlighted the rivalry between LA Galaxy and LAFC while also letting the fans know that this game would be happening where it all began for LA Galaxy – at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. Due to extreme weather conditions, the game was called off at the last moment and was rescheduled for independence day.

To amplify the rivalry once more, we were tasked with creating a variety of campaign assets for the rescheduled Rose Bowl Stadium game and continue where we left off earlier in the season.

For this campaign we created three different films:

  • Rose Bowl Ticket Push Trailer: The first of our trailers, the intent of this film was to build up hype before the big game while also serving as a final ticket sales push to help sell out the Rose Bowl game. Our film successfully helped make that happen!
  • Match Day -1 Hype Film: A reminder that tomorrow was the day that something historic was going to happen.
  • In Stadium / Broadcast Hype Film: This film was played in stadium and during the broadcast to amp up the 80,000+ people in the stadium and the many more at home watching.


Creatively we went with black and white as our main stylization motif throughout the campaign.  We wanted to create a campaign tone that was also a hat tip to both team’s colors.  We utilized very small moments of color to help add warmth and interest through the use of fire, sunrises and chromatic aberration.  These small interjections of color really helped round out our highly stylized look and feel.

We wrote a variety of different scripts for the campaign that were showcased in different ways in each film.  For the ticket push and match day -1 films our script was written as supers that helped tell the story but also provide a solid and easily readable call to action.  For the In stadium / broadcast hype film we wrote the script that LA Galaxy legend Cobe Jones passionately voices. Utilizing sleek motion graphics titles to help narrate our stories and motion tracking fire effects we were able to add a lot of interest and intrigue to the ball, plays and the roses that the team were holding.  These effects helped us to create an intense look and feel that shows how serious LA Galaxy are about winning this game.

We crafted a unique logo sting that complimented the other fire effects as an acknowledgment that the team where going to set this night on fire – something they very much were able to do in front of the all-time largest MLS attendance record with a sold-out crowd of 82,110 fans

“We rise to moments that call for greatness.”

We investigated the history of the team rivalry through a look back at historical moments that included classic goals by Ibrahimović who calmly taunts the fans while having more middle fingers thrown at him by LAFC fans than I’ve ever seen.  It’s a poetic moment and helps to showcase just how much was on the line in this game.  We were sure to feature the historical weight of the Rose Bowl Stadium venue (the birthplace of both Major League Soccer and the LA Galaxy soccer team)  to help build as much hype as possible.  We wanted to get the fans super excited for this game.  For our game day film we were able to add extra historical weight as we were lucky enough to be able to record a voice-over of Cobi Jones, the legendary LA Galaxy player that scored the teams first ever goal at the Rose Bowl Stadium.

This was another cool, fast paced campaign that we thoroughly enjoyed collaborating on. We’re stoked to have our films played to hundreds of thousands of people in person, on TV and across various social media channels. The match day in-stadium film is featured in the main player at the top and the other clips are below as well as some of our favorite image stills featured in the gallery.

Match Day -1 Hype Film

Rose Bowl Ticket Push Trailer

LA Galaxy VS LAFC: Rose Bowl Campaign Social Media Presence

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