Nutrafol: Youtube & OTT Hair Wellness Campaign

August 1, 2023
Nutrafol: Youtube & OTT Hair Wellness Campaign

In an ever-evolving realm of hair wellness, our collaboration with Nutrafol wasn’t merely about painting a narrative. It was a strategic endeavor designed to amplify brand awareness and, more crucially, propel sales. We harmoniously combined advanced cinematography with evocative narratives, producing a series of films that resonate with the essence of holistic hair health.

At the campaign’s core lay dual objectives: augmenting brand visibility and driving sales. While initially conceptualized for YouTube, the films’ unprecedented success warranted their evolution into OTT versions, which have also been resonating powerfully with audiences.

Nutrafol: Youtube & OTT Hair Wellness Campaign

Nutrafol Hair Wellness Campaign: A Fusion of Storytelling and Cinematic Mastery

The magic truly unfolded behind the scenes. With the Nutrafol team present at our studios, every idea, every frame, and every soundbite was a collaboration. From conceptualization in our cyclorama studios to recording distinct voice-overs and CTAs in our specialized vocal booth, every step was a dance of innovation and cohesion. Interestingly, while the same talents lent their voices in both scenarios, the nuanced audio quality difference between the narrative and CTAs added a layer of sophistication.

What sets these films apart in the crowded landscape of wellness advertising? Our inspiration was drawn from fashion films, and it reflects in the unique crops we’ve employed. We chose to portray fragments, not wholes, making each frame an enigmatic allure. By not revealing individuals in their entirety, viewers are drawn into a curious engagement, prompting them to piece together the story, thus ensuring the campaign’s memorability.

Nutrafol: Youtube & OTT Hair Wellness Campaign

Seamless Creative Collaboration Helped Make a Mark

Anchored in our cyclorama studio, our 8K Red Raptor captured emotions and details with unparalleled clarity. Its capacity allowed us to craft both mid-shots and compelling close-ups without moving the camera, ensuring a pristine end product. Our key to the dynamic storytelling, our 6K RED Komodo captured organic handheld close-ups, infusing scenes with raw emotions and realism. The lens flares, reminiscent of a gentle sunrise, added an ethereal dimension.  In our transformed daylight studio, our 8K RED Ranger turned its gaze to Nutrafol’s hero products. As organic set elements breathed life into our hero scenes, we presented products not just as solutions but as characters in their own right. The legendary Canon K35 cinema lenses were our portals to a world where modern aesthetics met vintage charm. Their unique properties injected our visuals with warmth, depth, and intangible magic.

Nutrafol: Youtube & OTT Hair Wellness Campaign

Purposeful Cinematic Choices of our Hair Wellness Campaign

With minimalist design elements that simulated a serene bedroom during sunrise, we orchestrated a realm of calm and contemplation. Yet, our true pièce de résistance was the third set featuring the 1950s dome skylight in the foyer of our mid-century modern creative studio. This one-of-a-kind vintage treasure helped us sculpt visuals that echoed emotion and ambiance with its unique radiant glow.

Our collaboration with Nutrafol has resulted in more than just films; it has birthed a comprehensive Hair Wellness Campaign that speaks volumes. Through stories, technology, and artistry, we’ve created a campaign that resonates deeply with audiences. Intrigued by our unique approach? If this campaign resonates with you, we invite you to explore more of our creative ventures. Witness firsthand how we blend strategy with storytelling, crafting content that doesn’t just inform but influences.

Experience the essence of hair wellness with our captivating campaign for Nutrafol.

Nutrafol Wellness Campaign: For Women

Life Changes

Chronicling personal and professional transitions, from life's joys to its challenges, we explored their profound impact on hair wellness.

Lifestyle Triggers

A delicately weaved tale of everyday habits that inadvertently shape hair health, highlighting the importance of awareness and proactive care.

Thinning Stat

Venturing into the reality where over half of women grapple with thinning hair, we presented both the challenges and the healing pathways.

Nutrafol Wellness Campaign: For Men


A thoughtful reflection on genetics and their enduring influence on hair's vitality and resilience.

Thinning Stat

A stark presentation, focusing on the unsettling fact that over 80% of men face hair thinning, urging introspection and proactive measures.

Sexual Performance

Engaging in an earnest dialogue, this narrative unveiled the intersections between hair supplements and the concerns of male vigor.

Nutrafol Wellness Campaign: For Both

Melding the stories of both genders, we crafted additional films that celebrated universality. Highlighting concerns and solutions shared by all, Nutrafol's diverse product range became the harmonizing chord.

Lifestyle Triggers

Life Changes

Thinning Stat

Nutrafol Wellness Campaign: Over The Top (OTT) Versions

Women: Life Changes OTT

Men: Sexual Performance OTT

For Both: Lifestyle Triggers OTT

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