LA Galaxy x Omega: Small Plan Big Impact

October 1, 2023
LA Galaxy x Omega: Small Plan Big Impact

In a unique fusion of football and entrepreneurship, RIOT, in collaboration with LA Galaxy and sponsored by Omega Accounting Solutions, proudly presents “Small Plan Big Impact”. This three-part web series offers a glimpse into the worlds of three LA Galaxy players as they step into the shoes of local business owners, exploring fields they are passionate about.

The inspiration behind this series was simple yet profound: how would these athletes, accustomed to the rigorous discipline and teamwork of soccer, adapt and contribute to an entirely different environment?


Small Plan Big Impact – Episode 1: Jalen Neal x Sayler Studio


Step into the world of interior design with Jalen Neal as he collaborates with Beth Sayler of Sayler Studio. Together, they embark on a design journey, exploring the nuances of wall aesthetics, shelf placements, and the triangular theory of form. Jalen’s decisive nature, reminiscent of his soccer gameplay, is evident as he confidently makes design choices, guided by Beth’s expertise. The episode culminates in a juggling session, where both Jalen and Beth showcase impressive soccer skills, earning accolades from YouTube viewers for their prowess.


Small Plan Big Impact – Episode 2: Oriol “Uri” Rossell x Nata’s Pastries


Journey with Uri Rossell as he dons a chef’s hat and apron to dive into the culinary world of Nata’s Pastries. Guided by owner Fatima Marques, Uri gets hands-on with crafting ‘Nata’s,’ a challenging yet delectable Portuguese pastry. As the pastries bake, Uri and Fatima head to the parking lot for a light-hearted juggling session. Uri’s familiarity with Portuguese cuisine, owing to his soccer days in Portugal, shines through as he relishes the crunchy layers of freshly baked Nata’s, evoking the authentic flavors of Portugal.


Small Plan Big Impact – Episode 3: Raheem Edwards x Barely Canadian


In this captivating episode, Canadian-born Raheem Edwards meets with Kelly, the heart and soul behind Barely Canadian. As they bond over their Canadian roots, Kelly delves into the brand’s inception during the COVID pandemic and its noble mission to support foster youth through clothing they design. As the episode unfolds, Raheem and Kelly collaborate to create a unique workout onesie, affectionately named “Rahsie.” The highlight? A playful session in the park where Raheem introduces Kelly to the art of soccer juggling. A surprise guest, a soccer juggling champion, makes an impromptu appearance, adding an unexpected twist to their day.

LA Galaxy x Omega: Small Plan Big Impact

Behind-the-Scenes Magic

One of the standout moments across all episodes was the spontaneous integration of soccer. Each player, in an unscripted moment, introduced the business owners to some soccer skills, adding a playful touch to the narrative. The serendipitous presence of soccer balls, whether from Raheem’s collaborative partner, Jalen’s car trunk, or a last-minute purchase for Uri’s episode, emphasized the organic blend of both worlds.

Directed by creative agency founder Chris ‘MUG5′ Maguire, the series was shot predominantly with a two-camera setup. However, Chris’s personal handheld Komodo-X rig, equipped with a 16mm lens, provided those breathtaking scene-establishing wides and dynamic alternate angles that added depth to the storytelling.

The post-production phase was nothing short of an adrenaline rush. With a mere two-week window for editing, the dedication was palpable. Chris, even while vacationing in Wales, collaborated with in-studio RIOT editors, meticulously shaping 10-12 minute raw edits into crisp five-minute masterpieces. The finishing touch? Distinctive motion graphics that threaded each episode together.

The series, warmly received by fans on YouTube, highlighted the players’ personalities, revealing facets previously unseen on the football field. Building on this success, LA Galaxy has opened the doors for local businesses to feature in the next installment of the series through

RIOT’s collaboration with LA Galaxy is blossoming. Beyond “Small Plan Big Impact”, we’re diving into a reality documentary TV series, celebrating the record-breaking Rose Bowl campaign, and have broadcasted an end-of-season film that resonated with thousands in-stadium.

“Small Plan Big Impact” aligns seamlessly with RIOT’s ethos of genuine, entertaining, and honest storytelling. Our past projects, including the SoulCycle instructor films and the RESIDE magazine series, echo this commitment.

Omega Accounting Solutions’ unwavering support and enthusiasm have been instrumental. Their association with businesses like Nata’s Pastries highlights the interconnected web of community collaborations.

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