LA Galaxy: 2023 Season Opener Trailer

February 23, 2023
LA Galaxy: 2023 Season Opener Trailer

LA Galaxy approached us to create a season opening trailer to build up hype for their first game of the 2023 MLS season with long time derby rivals LAFC.

Our trailer is the first introduction to LA Galaxy fans for the upcoming season and it’s a rowdy one! As with most derby matches, there’s a lot of rivalry weight riding on the game and we really dialed into this to build up hype for the 2023 season’s first Los Angeles Derby.

LA Galaxy left their last game with LAFC feeling robbed and our trailer really sets the scene for what is likely to be a successful victory. We set the tone for the game with a heavily emotional song, slick motion graphics, and appropriate lyrics that narrate the two teams history perfectly with lines like “No matter what opposition you bring…” and  “we ain’t got no fear.”

We made the decision early on in the creative process that we would open with one goal and that would be the only one we showcased. After that we created viewer emotion and hype through high-energy clips of the derby rivalry, moments of celebration – of course from many, many LA Galaxy goals, team mates hyping each other, terrible fouls, anger, frustration and confidence.

This carefully crafted narrative is complimented throughout with studio footage of key team members interacting with roses with a silent, clear confidence and bravado. The rose each LA Galaxy player is holding pays homage to the iconic Rose Bowl stadium in Los Angeles which was the birthplace of both Major League Soccer and LA Galaxy as a soccer team. The infamous Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena serves as a neutral location for this opening derby which might end up being this season’s biggest opening game.

LA Galaxy’s 2023 season opening game is live on 2.25.23 (rescheduled to later in the year) and could be a tide shift for the LA Galaxy derby rivalry with LAFC. We can’t wait to see how this game plays out – Let’s go Galaxy!

“We ain’t got no fear”


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