LA Galaxy: The Future Is Now

LA Galaxy: The Future Is Now

Our first collaboration with LA Galaxy saw us diving deep into the history and archives of the club with the mammoth task of creating an historical journey into LA Galaxy as a team, the results of which are being featured on the MLS official Apple TV channel.

With a super tight deadline, we got to work by researching, reading, watching and ingesting all the content we could to understand what makes LA Galaxy the team it is. Over the course of three days, we downloaded, and consumed an entire legacy in a seemingly impossible timeframe.

The shining light throughout the footage we saw in the archives and the stories we read online was the energy and loyalty of the fans. As such, we wanted to ensure “The Future Is Now” reflects the fans as a shining light by highlighting them and respecting the importance they play in the clubs legacy.

We wanted to tell a rich team story that was as deep and historical as possible. We covered everything from the first-ever game at the iconic Rose Bowl stadium in the 90s, their first legend Cobi Jones, the milestone of British soccer legend David Beckham signing with the team that changed MLS forever, the amazing trifecta that was Donovan/Beckham/Keane all the way through to the upcoming 2023 season, the current roster and the intent of the team moving into this season.

While on the subject of David Beckham we wanted to share a random fun fact we recently learned about David as a businessman. He cleverly had a caveat in his LA Galaxy contract that allowed him, once retired as a player to become an owner of an MLS team at a highly reduced rate. We always love seeing great forethought and love how David used this major move in his career to truly shape his legacy both as a permanent fixture in soccer and with the USA as his home.

Adding additional motion graphics and visual treatments, we stitched together vintage footage, animations, interviews with hardcore fans, players, legends and much more.

Our high-energy documentary-style film gives the fans a reminder of how amazing their team is while also being engaging enough to create new fans, like us!

We worked tirelessly to research the entire team history of LA Galaxy in order to do this film the justice it deserves. We created a fan inspired visual story that highlights this amazing soccer team, the first one to ever break onto the international football scene.

You can watch in the player at the top, on Apple TV or check out some cool stills in the gallery below.

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