Nutrafol x Sephora: Product Range Launch

Nutrafol x Sephora: Product Range Launch

Nutrafol, a renowned name in the nutraceuticals and hair care sector, recently partnered with Sephora and enlisted our creative agency to produce a comprehensive product video library to accompany the launch of their new partnership. Our team closely collaborated with Nutrafol’s creative department to create visually appealing and informative videos for each of their products available at Sephora.

The Nutrafol x Sephora collaboration was a full-service agency effort, executed in-house by our creative team. We handled every aspect of video production, from ideation and storyboarding to animation, editing, sound design, and color correction. We delivered polished and sophisticated final product films highlighting the key benefits of each Nutrafol product, aiding consumers in making informed purchasing decisions while shopping at Sephora.

Our Nutrafol x Sephora product launch asset creation included:

  • 5 Nutrafol hair care product videos shot in 8K resolution for maximum clarity
  • 5 Nutrafol nutraceutical supplement videos also captured in 8K for vivid detail
  • 2 instructional videos for Sephora staff members, also shot in 8K, to understand the details of both Nutrafol product ranges
  • 12 subtitled versions in English for wider audience reach
  • A clean, eye-catching animated Nutrafol logo sting
  • Dynamic animated kinetic text to add visual interest
  • Vector illustration concepts and animations to clearly explain the science-based information for each product video
  • Imagery for use in Sephora stores nationwide

We produced and delivered the entire Nutrafol x Sephora video catalog in just 6 weeks. The final result is a comprehensive set of videos that effectively educate consumers about Nutrafol’s hair care and nutraceutical products. To help Sephora shoppers make informed purchasing decisions we made sure each video was visually appealing and easy to understand.

Nutrafol x Sephora Product Range Launch - Feedback

Feedback from the team on this project.

As our partnership with Nutrafol continues beyond this Sephora launch, we will continue working together to further simplify and elevate the Nutrafol brand story.

Please take a moment to explore the product videos and some visual highlights below.

Nutrafol x Sephora: Nutraceutical Product Films

Discover the product films we created for each of the Nutrafol nutraceutical supplements that will be available for sale @ Sephora.


Women's Vegan

Women's Balance



Nutrafol x Sephora: Hair Care Product Films

Discover the product films we created for each of the Nutrafol hair care products that will be available for sale @ Sephora.

Strand Defender

Root Purifier

Stress Reliever

Hair Serum

Build-Up Blocker

Still curious?

We put together this blog article to give you a further look behind the curtains of this project. From storyboards through BTS imagery, our journal article will give the curious folks a deeper insight into this comprehensive creative collaboration.

#2024 Update

We teamed up with Nutrafol once again to update a few of the original videos to develop a renewed visual experience and some minor updates to the products. With meticulous attention to detail, we captured the voiceovers in our creative studios, each nuance finely tuned with our Blue Bottle microphones to enrich the viewer's auditory journey. The update of Nutrafol's hair serum name presented a unique challenge, seamlessly integrating new voiceovers with the existing footage.

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