Coachtopia: Logo Stings

April 20, 2023
Coachtopia: Logo Stings

As part of our multi-year collaborations with Coach’s new sustainability focused sub brand, Coachtopia, we were given the very rare but beautifully awesome task of creating whatever we wanted! The brief was simple, create as many different logo stings as we could for Coachtopia in a month with the specific point of reference being how MTV did it in the 90’s! Not every day, you get such an awesome and open ended brief but it was one we were excited to tackle particularly as logo stings will become a main stay in Coachtopia’s visual identity and all the content they create in the future. This really was the opportunity for us to put the RIOT stamp on the Coachtopia brand for the foreseeable future.

Our creative freedom was truly unleashed with these logo creations. We attempted to make logos for every personality type, with some being made with the intention of being at the start of films, some at the end and some that you can split up and tell the story as a book end. Our mix of 21 hand drawn, cute, glitchy, retro, and trippy Coachtopia logos have wild colors, cool motions and deep texture to each tell individual stories while being cohesive and on-brand.

We’re excited to see where these logos will be used across the brand in the future. You can watch one of the final logo variations in the player above and explorations below.

Approved Logo Sting #1: Clouds Part

Approved Logo Sting #2: Cloud Hop

Approved Logo Sting #3: Our Planet

Versions provided with and without stars, with white stars, black stars all on transparent background.

Approved Logo Sting #4: Simple Wiggle

Versions provided with white, black and rainbow logo on transparent background.

Approved Logo Sting #5: Coachtopia World Start

Approved Logo Sting #5: Coachtopia World End

Cutting Room Floor

The brief for this logo sting work was so unique that there was inevitably amazing stuff that was created that hit the cutting room floor. As we want to honor the work put into this by our amazing creative team, we have included the full presentation of all twenty one logo stings that were created that helped us find the amazing logo stings that were approved above.

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