The Xcerts – Hold On To Your Heart (Official Music Video)

November 15, 2017
The Xcerts – Hold On To Your Heart (Official Music Video)

“Hold On To Your Heart” is the third and final music video that we created for The Xcerts for their new album cycle. Filmed back in May 2017, this, the third single from The Xcerts newest album (which is also titled “Hold On To Your Heart”) just dropped today and we are thrilled to showcase our creative agency work on this video.

“Feels Like Falling In Love” was studio-based, “Daydream” saw Tom and Jordan riding around town looking for Murray. “Hold On To Your Heart” is one for the ladies! Focusing almost solely on Murray and portraying him as the heartthrob from an 80’s movie, “Hold On To Your Heart,” believe it or not was actually filmed in one day. The visual dark and light was the heavens giving us exactly what we want on that day! Shot in Brighton, we went from being rained on so hard we had to take solace in Fat Boy Slim’s greasy spoon cafe, to the clouds looking epic and filmic, all the way to bright blue skies.

From a crew point of view, this shoot was the lightest we have done in a while, with it being just three people. Turns out that this ended up being one of favorite run-and-gun shoots to date which is likely because of the intimate nature of shooting it.

Murray sings with such passion, telling everyone out there who is going through heartbreak that it will all be OK in the end and to hold on. As such, we felt it imperative to rarely break away from this story in the edit as, the more we see Murray, the more we feel like he is talking directly to us each individually. We already mentioned the weather and how beautifully that plays into the storytelling but our location choices also do the same. From Brighton Beach to the beautiful graffiti that adorns the walls of Brighton City Center, we were able to capture so much visual range in just one day.

We had so much fun working on The Xcerts “Hold On To Your Heart” campaign. Starting with designing the new logo, the initial single pack shot design, and creative direction which then followed through every other single and the album artwork, through to the three unique and completely different music videos we created. These sorts of soup-to-nuts projects are the ones we love and we look forward to working with The Xcerts again on their next album cycle! Good luck when the album drops boys.

Below is a gallery showcasing some screen-grabs from the “Hold On To Your Heart” video to give you a taste of what can be seen by watching above.


CLIENT: The Xcerts
PRODUCED BY: Chris “MUG5” Maguire
DIRECTOR: Chris “MUG5” Maguire
TALENT: The Xcerts
EDITING, COLOR & FX: Chris “MUG5” Maguire

The Xcerts: Hold On To Your Heart Official Music Video

The Hold On To Your Heart video embed from the bands Youtube page.

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