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Clinique: Cyber Week Social Campaign

November 23, 2017
Clinique: Cyber Week Social Campaign

Black Friday is one of the most important days of the year for any retail based business. It’s the time of year where family get together and share love, food, stories and then, the day after go out on a spending frenzy! This year, many retailers decided to work on a cyber week instead of just focusing on the one day in the hopes that it would stop this crazy retail frenzy on that one day.

Our continued work for Clinique saw us creating 16 animations that enticed viewers with different deals throughout the course of the week that were posted on all of Clinique’s social channels. Over the course of the week our campaign generated millions of impressions across all of the Clinique socials, with their US Instagram having 500,000 impressions on its own.

It was really fun to watch the excitement building with each new post and we thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Clinique Cyber Week campaign in 2017. Here’s to next year! In the mean time, enjoy all of the Instagram embeds below to get a good idea for the scope of this campaign.

Clinique: Cyber Week 2018 Assets

Instagram embeds of the entire Cyber Week campaign. Check out each film and how they were received below.

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