Coachtopia: Behind The Scenes Campaign

April 20, 2023
Coachtopia: Behind The Scenes Campaign

One spring day in early 2023, Coach asked us to put together a crew that would be able to capture content across sixteen different sets, spread out across Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City, NY. As part of our BTS capture Coach also wanted us to interview and shoot portraiture with all ten of the talent that would be featuring in their campaign film. Add in to the mix that there was basically no time slots put aside for our work due to time constraints and we found ourselves having a lot of fun pulling people aside, chatting with them and capturing their personalities under seemingly impossible circumstances – one of our interviews was half done walking between sets! We put together two units, one that would focus on trying to be ten different places at once and capture as much true behind the scenes as possible (see main film above), the second unit focused on pulling talent aside, chatting with them and capturing portraiture.


This was probably one of the most challenging, yet fun shoots we’ve done so far with Coach. With multiple locations and ten people to capture in a tight timeframe, it was time to thrive under chaos with a solid and calculated “run-and-gun” mentality.

Coachtopia: BTS of the BTS

Adrian Nina photographed us shooting our interview with New Yorker and “The Summer I Turned Pretty” star Lola Tung.

In between campaign film shot takes we captured as much footage as we could, interviewing all of the young designers and activists that are helping to shape the Coachtopia brand. We approached the shoot with the intention of being able to capture as much footage as quickly and cleanly as possible. We used four different cameras to give the full range of shots that you see in our final films. Mix in the logo stings that we also created for Coachtopia for the results you see below which is a campaign we’re really proud of.

Coachtopia: BTS of the BTS

Adrian Nina’s photo of us chatting and shooting our interview with Coach handbag designer Trey Denis.

We created six films in three different formats for social media channels and different devices. Our three mini-interviews focus on key Coachtopia collaborators (Maya, Lola, and Caulin), two of our films highlight the Designers and Activists that are key in the creation of Coachtopia, and one highlight clip that features all the Coachtopia contributors stating what Coachtopia means to them in one word.

You can watch all the films below and stay tuned for more Coachtopia content on our website and socials as they drop!


Coachtopia: Introducing Lola

Coachtopia: Introducing Maya

Coachtopia: Introducing Caulin

Coachtopia: Introducing All Talent

Coachtopia: Introducing The Designers

Coachtopia: Introducing The Activists

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