Poker Central: On This Day In Poker History

October 3, 2016
Poker Central: On This Day In Poker History

Poker Central asked us to put together a pilot episode of what would eventually become a daily, informational, minute long film that they could easily share across their network and associated social networks. Poker Central wanted the series to be viewable without sound, but to also have a beautiful sound design so that if it was digested with the volume up that it would make the experience that much better.

The theory behind the series was to detail poker history to the fans by telling a story of something awesome that happened in poker on that day on a previous year. We were given a rough story outline and some photos, the rest of what you see is our creative concept on how best to tell the sorts of stories that we would likely be getting for each of these episodes. The end result is upbeat, it is fun and engaging and keeps the viewer wanting to find out more.

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