Coach: (Re)Loved – Remade Bear

October 26, 2022
Coach: (Re)Loved – Remade Bear

Our latest work with close friends and long-time collaborators Coach, highlighting their (Re)Loved ReMade Bear just dropped on their social media channels and we absolutely thrilled to share it! This was one of our favorite collaborations of the year to work on, plus, part two is coming very very soon. So stay tuned!

Coach’s (Re)Loved campaign focuses on sustainability and contributing to a circular ecosystem. By using old bags sent in via the Coach (Re)Loved Exchange program and leftover material that would normally be sent to landfill Coach are creating one-of-kind collectible items. The first item they’ve dropped is the very adorable Coach Remade Collectible Bear that’s crafted from 95% repurposed materials.

Reimagined, Refurbished, (Re)Loved

Our :6 version brings the concept down to one simple shot as seen above.

Shot in our very own creative agency production studios, we tell the story of the cute little bear’s creation in an authentic, fun and humble way. By utilizing stop motion animation we were able to be imaginative with our visualization of the creation process that, in real life requires the expertise of four Coach craftspeople and takes nearly two whole days to complete. An audibly immersive and playful ASMR sound design helps to add life to the film and the creation process. For some extra fun, we introduced quirky jazz elevator music to the start and end to help set the scene in the most fun way possible.

The end result is a cozy, warm, and fuzzy film that is full of magic and puts an authentic touch to remade Coach products while raising awareness of Coach’s commitment to circular fashion.

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