Tiffany: Holiday 2022 Sizzle

September 30, 2022
Tiffany: Holiday 2022 Sizzle

As we continue to reflect on the year gone past we are excited to share a holiday sizzle reel that we created for Tiffany & Co. This sizzle reel was created for the internal Tiffany creative team to highlight all the holiday creations that every Tiffany department was planning on releasing during the 2022 holiday season. From campaign films, to window displays, all the way through planned retail pop-ups, our sizzle was used to create a buzz across all of the Tiffany departments in advance of the holiday season.

Our sizzle reel also highlights the Tiffany & Co. x Andy Warhol Collection that launched this holiday season, with reimagined Andy Warhol drawings taken from the Tiffany archives earlier in the year. From 1957 to 1962, Tiffany enlisted the help of Andy Warhol to create a series of holiday cards that captured the essence of the festive season through his unique illustrations.


Throughout the sizzle reel, we combined Tiffany holiday assets from adverting campaigns for a cinematic feel and used Andy Warhol’s original drawings from sketchbooks that were scanned as high-resolution images.

We cut out different hand-drawn illustrations to create unique animations and motion that add to the playful holiday vibe. You’ll see Andy’s colorful birds, Christmas trees and ornaments moving across many different clips that add an extra unique look and feel to the sizzle reel. A personal favorite of our creative agency was creating Andy Warhol snowfall using one sketched snowflake and a particle generator!

Watch the Tiffany: Holiday 2022 Sizzle in the player above and take a look at a few screengrabs from the clip below.

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