Washington Commanders: 2022 Season Trailer

Washington Commanders: 2022 Season Trailer

September 2022 marks the start of the new football season, and a major milestone for Washington Commanders as this will be their first ever season playing as the Commanders. To get their fans hyped for the upcoming season we were tasked with creating a movie-style trailer to help celebrate this momentous milestone.

We treated the Washington Commanders as if they were a superhero squad and the season was their movie that was about to be released in theaters. The results were explosive, with smoke grenades and flares representing a call to arms that the team is more than ready to respond to.

“Our :15 Chase Young player edit above provided the foundation for the direction of the entire campaign.”

Washington Commanders: 2022 Season Trailer

While the player footage was shot in Washington during the Washington Commanders media day, the cut scenes were shot over 3,000 miles away on a remote beach in West Wales in the United Kingdom. We called in the help of some of our oldest filmmaking friends to capture these on-location shots.

The beautiful cut scene imagery when combined with the player footage creates a powerful, atmospheric, and hype-inducing film for the fans.

Fan response to our film has been phenomenal with one fan stating “I hope the season is as hard as this video” and another “This is my favorite thing made in a long ass time. So epic”. You can’t ask for more from a piece of work than being loved by the audience it was created for. We’re now even more stoked for our continued collaborations with the Washington Commanders.

September welcomes the new NFL season, the debut of the Washington Commanders and for us, it offers us a chance to showcase what our creative agency does best. If the new football season is anything like our trailer, Washington Commanders are set to go big this season!

What the fans are saying

Fan response to our film has been phenomenal, below is a small selection of the positive fan commentary.

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