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Where innovation meets legacy.
At RIOT, our creative agency is at the forefront of brand creation and transformation, making us one of the most sought after branding agencies around. Our expertise spans creating new brands and revitalizing established ones, ensuring each identity we craft is both distinctive and memorable.


  • Innovative Brand Creation: From conceptualization to launch, we build brands that stand the test of time. A prime example is AltSounds.TV, a brand we created 20 years ago that remains influential.
  • Strategic Rebranding: We specialize in rebranding efforts that breathe new life into established brands. Notably, we guided the Washington Commanders through their rebranding journey from the Washington Redskins, crafting a new identity that resonated with fans and stakeholders alike.
  • Cross-Sector Mastery: Our portfolio spans various industries, showcasing our ability to adapt and innovate across different market landscapes.
  • Memorable Identities: We believe in creating brands that not only stand out but also connect deeply with their target audiences, leaving a lasting impact.
At RIOT, we understand the intricacies of branding and the importance of a strong brand identity. Let us help you create or reinvent your brand to achieve its fullest potential.
Reside Moments: Bring Your Garden Inside

Directed, Creative Direction, Editing, Post, Color, Titles, FX, Branding, Design, Photography, Social, Music Supervision

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Reside Moments: Diving In

Directed, Creative Direction, Editing, Post, Color, Titles, FX, Branding, Design, Photography, Social, Music Supervision

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SoulCycle Docufilm: Souereya

As part of our long-standing collaboration with SoulCycle, we captured the essence of the transformative SoulCycle experience through a collection of docufilms that tell the individual stories of their most popular instructors. Here we center our narrative around Souereya, a charismatic and passionate SoulCycle instructor from NYC, translating her vibrant energy into a visually stunning docufilm. Known for high-intensity, indoor cycling workouts designed to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul, SoulCycle classes are more than simply physical exercises—they’re spiritual sanctuaries.   SoulCycle riders unite in high-energy studios, moving in sync to the beat of unique playlists, driven by the inspirational guidance of legendary instructors. This holistic approach ensures every session is an immersive journey, culminating in a profound sense of achievement and community belonging. Since 2014, Souereya has been a beacon of inspiration, guiding riders through the SoulCycle journey with her dynamic enthusiasm and heartfelt connection. “I love movement… It helps you remember that it isn’t all that serious.” Her story, set against the striking backdrop of New York City, symbolizes the uplifting and transformative essence of SoulCycle. Our dedication to storytelling is evident in these SoulCycle docufilms. We don’t just tell an individual story; we create a way for […]

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