SoulCycle Docufilm: Souereya

March 26, 2019
SoulCycle Docufilm: Souereya

As part of our long-standing collaboration with SoulCycle, we captured the essence of the transformative SoulCycle experience through a collection of docufilms that tell the individual stories of their most popular instructors. Here we center our narrative around Souereya, a charismatic and passionate SoulCycle instructor from NYC, translating her vibrant energy into a visually stunning docufilm.

Known for high-intensity, indoor cycling workouts designed to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul, SoulCycle classes are more than simply physical exercises—they’re spiritual sanctuaries.


SoulCycle riders unite in high-energy studios, moving in sync to the beat of unique playlists, driven by the inspirational guidance of legendary instructors.

This holistic approach ensures every session is an immersive journey, culminating in a profound sense of achievement and community belonging.

Since 2014, Souereya has been a beacon of inspiration, guiding riders through the SoulCycle journey with her dynamic enthusiasm and heartfelt connection.

“I love movement… It helps you remember that it isn’t all that serious.”

Her story, set against the striking backdrop of New York City, symbolizes the uplifting and transformative essence of SoulCycle.

Our dedication to storytelling is evident in these SoulCycle docufilms. We don’t just tell an individual story; we create a way for viewers to experience SoulCycle that deeply resonates, embodying the motivational and positive energy of SoulCycle – welcoming viewers into their empowering community while reflecting the transformative experience SoulCycle provides.


Our storytelling journey with SoulCycle showcases our commitment to capturing the essence of movement, motivation, and the vibrant spirit of NYC.

Through Souereya’s narrative, we explore the power of visual storytelling to convey emotions and stories without words, taking viewers on a journey that mirrors the transformative experience of a SoulCycle class.

“Don’t get stuck. Take what you would usually do, and go do something different.”

The SoulCycle docufilms are a testament to our expertise in creating content that transcends the conventional, highlighting our status as a leading creative agency in NYC committed to breaking creative barriers and crafting stories that resonate across cultures.

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