Washington Football Team: New Identity Trailer

January 11, 2022
Washington Football Team: New Identity Trailer

We’ve been collaborating with Washington Football Team a lot over the past year but none of our collaborations made us prouder than this one! Featured on the Today Show, above is a trailer we created to inform the world of the impending name and branding change that the Washington Football Team will go through on 2.2.22 when they reveal their forever name, new logo, and associated branding, uniform, and helmet.

For our trailer, we did a deep dive through the Washington Football Team archives and used the brand legacy and heritage to help tell the story of the future and to tease what is about to come. The trailer was really well received and performed excellently on all social channels and it was also called out and showcased on the Today Show on the day of release. There have only been 11 name changes in NFL history so it is with great pleasure that we are able to be a part of the twelfth!

Keep your eyes peeled for more RIOT x Washington Football Team creative agency collaborations.

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