Washington Commanders: Introducing Major Tuddy

Washington Commanders: Introducing Major Tuddy

Our team at Riot NYC is thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with the Washington Commanders, marking a significant step in their historic rebrand with the introduction of their new and first ever mascot, Major Tuddy.

The film, which was created to introduce Major Tuddy to fans on social media was also played at FedEx Field, and made a big impact and be eye-catching for both small screens and stadium-sized displays.

Working with the Washington Commanders, we brought Major Tuddy to life in the green screen clips and combined it with footage from the Commanders archives to create a compelling story. Major Tuddy’s character pays homage to the nickname “The Hogs” given to a the Washington Redskins most famous offensive line that were responsible for Washington Redskins Super Bowl wins in the ’80s and ’90s. We also included scenes of the Hogettes, fans known for their wild outfits and pig snout masks.

With a mix of humor, player interactions, exciting visuals, and references to Washington Commanders history, we created a high-energy film that was shared on all the Commanders social media channels and received widespread coverage in media outlets.

Stay tuned for our next project, “Making The Mascot,” a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Major Tuddy. In the meantime, check out the trailer above and see for yourself how Major Tuddy became Washington Commanders’ new mascot.

Fun facts

  • Our original pitch was for Tuddy to replicate the famous Rocky sequence for the extra over the top feels.
  • Our creative agency is always finding hiddens gems to share and we planted an easter egg for fans in this clip.
  • "Tuddy" is a slang football term that evolved from the abbreviation of touchdown (TD) as in t= "tuh" and d= "dee."

Shared on social media

Our clip as see on the official Washington Commanders Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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