IWC Schaffhausen: NYC Flagship Film

IWC Schaffhausen: NYC Flagship Film

IWC Schaffhausen, the pinnacle of Swiss luxury watchmaking, tasked us with a high-stakes project: to create a compelling video for their brand-new flagship store at the legendary corner of 60th and Madison Avenue in NYC in just a few short days. With the store still under construction and scaffolding obscuring the facade, we were forced to get creative while needing to move fast. Having our back against the wall is where RIOT thrives!

Starting bright and early, we captured the store in its pristine state before the hustle and bustle of the day began. We needed to work fast and we had one unit zero in on clean wide imagery of the store, while our second unit focused on the flagship store’s unique interstellar textures, capturing the mesmerizing interplay of time and space. Using inventive angles, we managed to keep ongoing works and staff members out of frame, letting the store’s architectural elegance shine through.

Close-up views of various textured surfaces: a sharp corner with illuminated edge, ribbed concrete, and a pitted surface, all in black and white

We wanted to make sure we captured the super cool, unique and interstellar textures featured around the NYC Flagship store

Our lenses honed in on all of the luxurious details including the stunning product. We featured close-ups of watches nestled in their display cases, we showcased the intricate design of the ultra-rare (there are only two in existence) IWC Portuguiser Eternal Calendar watch, and captured the essence of each of these masterpieces on the wrist as well as individual product hero closeups.

Close-up of an IWC Schaffhausen luxury wristwatch with detailed dials and an eternal calendar feature, displayed against a dark background

We were able to spend quality time with this masterpiece – the IWC Portuguiser Eternal Calendar watch

Inside the Atelier, we spotlighted the high-tech machinery designed to test corrosion, button functionality, and strap durability. This segment highlighted the bespoke customizability of IWC watches, emphasizing the brand’s unparalleled craftsmanship and highlighting a unique aspect of the New York flagship store.

Our cameras roamed through the historical displays, telling the rich story of IWC Schaffhausen. We also featured the unique in-store coffee shop with its own coffee blend, with custom designs printed on every cup, adding a personal touch to the luxury shopping experience.

“Engineering Beyond Time”


Despite last-minute changes and dynamic setup challenges, we were able to capture clean, professionally polished imagery while seamlessly adapting to the challenges of the environment. We conducted a second shoot two days later, where we returned for the official flagship opening party to capture the energy of the night in a social media hype reel that was turned around even more quickly! We are stoked to see thousands of social media interactions clocking up and to read comments like “It’s a beautiful space!“, “I love this video“, and “Such an incredible boutique!“.

We created a stunning video and follow-up reel that encapsulated the essence of IWC Schaffhausen’s new flagship store and the brand. Our creativity and adaptability turned obstacles into opportunities, presenting the IWC in its full luxurious glory.

You can watch the full film in the main player above and check out the gallery of some of our favorite shots below. You can also visit the store on Madison Avenue NYC to see the stunning space in real life!

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