Ray-Ban: 75 Years Brand Sizzle

February 24, 2016
Ray-Ban: 75 Years Brand Sizzle

There were quite a few brands that turned 75 in 2016. We worked on brand sizzles for a couple of these companies, more notably Coach and our work shown here for Ray-Ban. It was a lot of fun capturing all the moments that Ray-Ban glasses show up in Pop Culture. From the biggest movies to the best bands and musicians all the way through tattoo artists, Ray-Ban are an American staple and it was an absolute honor to be able to create this sizzle for them.

Our work involved creating the edit. For this we used footage Ray-Ban provided us and, smattered in as many pop culture references as we could think of – the immediate one that came to mind when we started was Tom Cruise in “Risky Business.”

The gallery below showcases some imagery so you get an idea of how this brand sizzle looks and feels. If you’re lucky enough to have the password you can also enjoy the fruits of our labor above. This is literally one of our favorite brand sizzles that we’ve worked on to date and hope everyone shares our enthusiasm.

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