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Redirect to a new page at the end of a Youtube video on a WordPress Installation
April 3, 2017 in Tips, Tricks & Hacks

We promised ourselves that as and when we overcome hurdles that we would post these results here so that other people can save time and effort by utilizing our solutions. These tips and tricks are from all over the board, and across all the mediums in which we work. Today’s is coding, and is related to both javascript and the YouTube API. Essentially, the code below allows you to redirect a user to a new URL once a Youtube video has ended.  This involves two things. You have to first make sure your embeds are using the Youtube Javascript API as this is what allows you to set a listener which triggers a redirect at the end of a video. Secondly, this code below specifically relates to people using WordPress as their sites install. This code was created for our website <a href=”http://altsds.co”>AltSounds</a>, where we needed to use this trick to keep the music never-ending for our visitors. There are obviously items that are going to be different in your installs so you’re going to need to use some intuition with regards to how to get this working on your site but it’s a very good jumping off point. STEP […]

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