Coach: Chinese Year of the Monkey Lunar Film

January 21, 2016
Coach: Chinese Year of the Monkey Lunar Film

2016 is the Chinese year of the fire monkey whose character is apparently ambitious and adventurous, but irritable. Coach is a very multi-national company and has a huge presence in Asia and, as such, as part of their celebration of the Chinese Year of the Monkey released this brand to commemorate the event.

Here is our edit live on the Coach Instagram page:

In the film we see a monkey that springs to life when the Coach craftsman turns off the lights and leaves the workshop. We were tasked to create 30 and 15 second cutdowns of the 6o second film – we then created versions for web, social and seven versions for outdoor. They’re fun edits that are a little different from our usual work. The 30 Second spot is above, the 15 second spot is below. Enjoy!

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