Estée Lauder Companies | The Global House of Prestige Beauty

November 10, 2016
Estée Lauder Companies | The Global House of Prestige Beauty

Esteé Lauder Companies needs little introduction from us. They are a global beauty power house and, whether you know it or not, if you’ve used or even touched a beauty or cosmetics product, there’s a 90% chance it is a product released by one of the twenty seven Estée Lauder companies.

Estée Lauder Companies was founded in New York City in 1946 and has grown exponentially since. 2016 was an amazing year for Estée Lauder Companies, and as with any traded company they released a very detailed end of year report detailing all the amazing work that happened in that particular year. As pioneering as ever, Estée Lauder Companies decided in 2016 to shake up the tradition by putting together a film that celebrated this work in video form also.

Estée Lauder Companies | The Global House of Prestige Beauty: I LOVE MILEY CYRUS

This was a mammoth task, we needed to be sure to have enough time to showcase all twenty seven companies and all the amazing things each created. Obviously some had a lot more moments than others, so the next hard task was to try and balance the visuals across all the brands. Finally there was a need to highlight the heritage and legendary work of the past, showcasing it whilst needing to appeal to the new Generation Z customers that every brand is currently working very hard to grab the attention of.

The result is a 2:45 film that takes you on a journey from the early years, through cool standout campaigns with strong messaging, to Generation Z social integrations, ending on the artistic and stunning visual beauty these brands created. It’s a fun ride and is the visual representation of the Estée Lauder Companies year end report, making a fun overview for someone that only has a few minutes to grasp the outstanding year Estée Lauder companies had in 2016.





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