Washington Commanders: Historical Journey

February 3, 2022
Washington Commanders: Historical Journey

Continuing our close partnership with Washington Commanders to build the hype of their brand evolution, we were asked to create a visual historical journey film for the team to share on their social channels.

The clip features a mixture of old, new, and Riot-filmed footage molded together to create an anthemic visual story. By showing legendary clips from the franchise history, adding epic foot-stomping music and audio overlays of coaches and team members talking, we amp the fans up as much as possible. As the story unfolds we transition from old to new, from black and white to color with real footage from the Washington Redskins archives.

The end result is a fast-paced monster of a film that builds up the hype for Washington Commanders and complements the larger #TakeCommand campaign.

“The evolution of our journey. On to the next chapter”

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