Washington Commanders: The Brand Evolution

February 17, 2022
Washington Commanders: The Brand Evolution

Our Brand Evolution film was part of a series of assets we created for the historical Washington Commanders name change and rebrand in early 2022. As part of the creative efforts for the rebrand, it was important for the Washington Commanders to pay homage to the team’s legacy and get the fans excited for the future.

We conceived an idea to narrate the brand legacy through their helmet designs over the decades. This idea let the viewer see the shape, size, and actual helmet designs change and offers fans an opportunity to watch the brand’s visual identity change from inception to now.

Prior to shooting, we experimented with lighting looks and vibes at a test shoot in our own PLAYGRND studios. This was an extra special test shoot as it was the first one we captured at our creative agency studios! Once we nailed the visual styling/lighting direction we headed to Ashburn, VA to shoot at the Washington Commander’s training facilities.

Washington Commanders BrandEvolution

It was important for us to leave the worn helmets in their current state. With gnarly scuff marks, scratches, dents, and blemishes we could show the history of the helmets through their own battle scars.

Through a range of lighting tricks, rotating cameras, haze-filled air, and projecting era-specific game footage both onto the helmets and into the room, we crafted an authentic and raw atmosphere. The post-production color treatments, musical direction, and foley narration match the era being depicted and help offer the viewer an all-encompassing, and immersive glimpse into the Washington Commanders’ past and future.

This is a film about progress and evolution. It’s something that will excite lifelong and new fans alike and celebrates one of the NFL’s most storied franchises.

“Our legacy evolves. Our journey continues.”

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