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Red Bull Kumite: Times Square Live Stream OOH Screen Graphics

Red Bull Kumite: Times Square Live Stream OOH Screen Graphics
Back in March, we took on a pretty intense project for the 2024 Red Bull Kumite, right in the heart of Times Square. Our job? Design and create the graphics for the event, making sure the games looked amazing on a massive 8K corner screen in New York City. We crafted the fullscreen visual experience, with graphics seamlessly laid over live camera feeds, resulting in a high-end and visually stunning display.

Red Bull Kumite is one of the must-watch tournaments on the Street Fighter and Fighting Game Community calendar, featuring 16 of the world's top Street Fighter players battling for the title of Red Bull Kumite Champion. The atmosphere was electric, with onlookers and participants alike immersed in the intense action and breathtaking visuals.
The event was streamed live on Red Bull Gaming's Twitch and YouTube channels, giving a global audience of hundreds of thousands a front-row seat. Plus, the 360,000 people who pass through Times Square each day got to experience the excitement. The vibrant graphics and the thrill of playing on such a grand stage made the event unforgettable. One attendee even said, "The energy in Times Square was palpable, and the graphics on the big screen were nothing short of mesmerizing."

Initially brimming with animations, our original creations had to be heavily adapted due to uncovering the screen's technical limitations in a live scenario. Despite these challenges, our technical wizardry at RIOT creative agency allowed us to shift gears successfully, attributing this to our in-depth understanding and passion for technology.

Red Bull Kumite Times Square

Players competing live on an 8K screen in Times Square for Red Bull Kumite 2024.
Photo by Nicole Fara Silver / Red Bull Content Pool

The end result was a stunning visual display that uniquely utilized the screen's curve, showcasing our ability to think outside the box. We used transparency to add city buildings that slightly overlapped the screens, making the experience feel fun and engaging.

RIOT's extensive expertise with massive OOH LED screens allowed us to push the boundaries of what's possible, flipping visuals to avoid duplication and help our friends at Red Bull achieve a one-of-a-kind experience. Our designs achieved a 3D feel without movement, adding depth and dimension to the display while maintaining our ambitious vision.

Our meticulous attention to detail ensured every element aligned with pixel perfection, including Red Bull's specific branding requirements for how their brand, logo, and can were displayed. An onlooker highlighted, "the attention to detail was impeccable and the branding was spot on."

RIOT's dedication, creativity, and technical skill turned a complex project into a visually captivating experience, setting a new standard in out-of-home design. The combination of fun, engaging graphics and the thrill of competing on a massive screen created an unforgettable event. Another press note said, "The event was a perfect blend of technology and creativity, setting a new benchmark for outdoor visual displays."

Check out the official video from Red Bull courtesy of @redbullgaming to see how we turned technical obstacles into creative triumphs in the bustling heart of New York City for one of the world's most-watched gaming tournaments.

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