Washington Commanders: Making The Mascot

We’re very excited to share our ninth collaboration (!) with the Washington Commanders. Our “Making The Mascot” film is a longer form follow-up to the recently released Major Tuddy mascot teaser that was shared across a variety of media channels including social media and in stadium prior to Major Tuddy’s official reveal. Shot in documentary style over a few months, our creative agency directed the internal Washington Commanders content team on what would help create a compelling and detailed glimpse into the creation of their official mascot, Major Tuddy. We captured interactions with players from the past and present, fans, the club’s president, as well as Tuddy on the pitch for his reveal, including celebrations with the players after a touchdown.   Of major importance was to shoot the making of Major Tuddy’s mascot outfit by Bam Mascots in Toronto, Canada. During this capture we were able to highlight initial prototypes and illustrations all the way through to interviews with the hands-on craftspeople. The materials, drawings, and details were all included to show Major Tuddy’s creation in a variety of stages to help fans visually understand all the details that went into the making of Major Tuddy. You can watch […]

Washington Commanders – Command The Draft

Sports fans, get ready to get hyped for the Washington Commanders’ potential draft picks for the 2022 NFL season! We’ve created a high-energy, motion graphics-heavy video that showcases the top picks rumored to be on the Commanders’ radar. From fast-paced, clean graphics to bold text and plenty of moving images, this glitchy film will leave you pumped for the NFL draft.     As a creative agency, it’s always exciting to have the freedom to build our own story, and we were thrilled to work on this project with the Washington Commanders. Football carries so much cultural significance and emotion, and we feel honored as a culture-driven creative agency to contribute to popular culture through creativity. Below is a video only version of our original concept film that we created to help get sign off on the creative direction. ORIGINAL CONCEPTS: Our original concept animation for the “Command The Draft” film can be seen above FacebookSee our video on the Commanders official Facebook page

Washington Commanders: Historical Journey

Delve into the historical journey of the Washington Commanders with RIOT's creative storytelling.

SoulCycle Docufilm: Souereya

As part of our long-standing collaboration with SoulCycle, we captured the essence of the transformative SoulCycle experience through a collection of docufilms that tell the individual stories of their most popular instructors. Here we center our narrative around Souereya, a charismatic and passionate SoulCycle instructor from NYC, translating her vibrant energy into a visually stunning docufilm. Known for high-intensity, indoor cycling workouts designed to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul, SoulCycle classes are more than simply physical exercises—they’re spiritual sanctuaries.   SoulCycle riders unite in high-energy studios, moving in sync to the beat of unique playlists, driven by the inspirational guidance of legendary instructors. This holistic approach ensures every session is an immersive journey, culminating in a profound sense of achievement and community belonging. Since 2014, Souereya has been a beacon of inspiration, guiding riders through the SoulCycle journey with her dynamic enthusiasm and heartfelt connection. “I love movement… It helps you remember that it isn’t all that serious.” Her story, set against the striking backdrop of New York City, symbolizes the uplifting and transformative essence of SoulCycle. Our dedication to storytelling is evident in these SoulCycle docufilms. We don’t just tell an individual story; we create a way for […]

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