Clinique: Love Sizzle Reel

November 12, 2021
Clinique: Love Sizzle Reel

During 2021 thanks to social media, Clinique experienced an unplanned viral moment where their lipstick product “Black Honey” got picked up by a large group of Gen Z influencers on TikTok. To follow up on this wave of popularity we collaborated with our friends at Clinique to create a new sizzle reel for the brand.

Simply titled, “Love” our sizzle plays with the idea of consumers not simply liking the brand, but loving it. We used a mixture of Clinique imagery and unique Riot creative agency compositions alongside bold kinetic text to bring the story to life.

Adding hand-drawn animations, and a catchy, on-topic musical choice we created an elegantly clean sizzle reel for Clinique that showcases their intent as a brand moving into 2022.

A collection of love songs that are perfect for Advertising

As part of our explorations for this sizzle reel we put together an ad focused, love inspired playlist to help us find the right song for the sizzle.

As this was an internal only sizzle reel we were able to music supervise from all music which is always a lot of fun! If you're looking for music that is both cool and would be great for ads based around love then check out our playlist to the right and enjoy!

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