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Unrealized Visions: “Beckham’s Call” – Our Ad Concept for the LA Galaxy 2024 MLS Season Opener

Unrealized Visions: “Beckham’s Call” – The Ad Concept for the 2024 MLS Season Opener In the world of advertising, some of the most creative and compelling ideas never see the light of day. One such concept was our ambitious ad for the 2024 MLS season opener between LA Galaxy and Inter Miami. Titled “Beckham’s Call,” this ad was meant to be a cinematic masterpiece that would captivate soccer fans and highlight the intense rivalry with a unique twist. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, this idea remained on the cutting room floor. Until now! The Script: A Journey Through Time The ad opens in a sleek, modern office with a view overlooking Miami. The camera zooms in on David Beckham, now a co-owner of Inter Miami, deeply engrossed in his work. The voiceover, provided by a recognizable narrator, sets the stage: “Some calls can change history.” Beckham picks up his smartphone, which glitches to reveal an app called ‘TimeCall’. Intrigued, he taps it and scrolls through a contact list featuring legendary soccer names like Pelé and Maradona. He finally stops at ‘Beckham, 2012’ and hits call. The scene transitions to the bustling LA Galaxy locker room in 2012. The younger Beckham, […]

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The Real Jon “Bones” Jones: A Decade Later
March 5, 2023 in Behind The Scenes

We take inspiration from everything, everywhere (not all at once). We find art in the smallest things we use, watch, and have around us. Since the very beginning of our creative agency Riot we’ve been avid fans of the mixed martial arts world and in particular the UFC. Over a decade ago we found ourselves attending endless fights around the world working behind the scenes to cover one of the fastest-growing sports. One of the key pieces of content we worked on with Heavy.com was a three-part series titled The Real Jon Jones which covered this amazing fighter’s story so far. During that time Jones’ career took so many twists and turns and it’s been an amazing ride to watch his evolution. From controversies outside the arena and some of the greatest battles ever fought in the octagon with legends like Daniel Cormier and Alexander Gustafsson. Jon Jones has essentially never lost a fight. He has 27 wins and 1 controversial no-contest – Jones tested positive for turinabol, causing a win to be overturned to a no-contest, along with a 15-month suspension. The levels that were considered to be a positive during this time have since been reduced causing Jones […]

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For the Fans, By the Fans: Washington Commanders Mascot Major Tuddy
February 21, 2023 in Behind The Scenes

Discover how the Washington Commanders' mascot Major Tuddy came to be through fan involvement & how the Hog theme was chosen in this cool sports history moment.

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Turning Technical Scientific Data into Visual Bliss: Nutrafol x Sephora
January 31, 2023 in Behind The Scenes

We just launched our comprehensive product video library with Nutrafol for their new product partnership with Sephora. It was a mammoth project and we’re super proud of what we created to the extremely tight deliverable deadlines. Vector Art Direction, Storyboards & Pre-Production The first step was to develop and deliver storyboards that explored our intended concepts for Nutrafol’s product films as well as developing an animation style that would help explain complex scientific information in a very simple way that was simple, clean, and on brand. RIOT x Nutrafol – Vector Art Designs For Animation The timeline for this project was remarkably tight, with only six weeks for us to develop, create, produce, shoot, edit, post-produce, and animate ten product videos and two instructional films for the staff at Sephora to be quickly educated in the two product ranges Nutrafol were launching as part of their new Sephora partnership. As such, storyboarding twelve films in advance was out of the question with only six weeks at our disposal. Instead, we developed an idea that involved us storyboarding one film from each of the product ranges and creating a variety of different element types that would appear in each film. We […]

The magical art of stop motion animation
December 20, 2022 in Behind The Scenes

A few months ago we were approached by our friends over at Coach to tell the stories of their products for their latest sustainability-led campaign (Re)Loved.  This project came in with a flexible brief and we spent a long time trying to work out what would be the best to approach this storytelling. We’re always trying new ways to make our creations stand out from the noise in the creative world and in most cases, the classics are the best.  One classic technique we absolutely love is the amazing stop motion animation as we are animation enthusiasts. Stop motion animations has been in our creative bag since we were kids and we used lego and a video camera to craft some terribly awesome work! We’ve been using stop motion animation techniques more and more in our work with little pepperings here and there but this project felt like the one to fully flex our stop motion muscles for some full films.  It seemed to fit the bill and we created the pieces in our very own creative agency studios in NYC. The stop motion animation technique Stop motion animation is an powerful but very time consuming technique used to create […]

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Scope Saturday: Episode #1

Hey all, Scope Saturday is a new thing we’re going to put together every once in a while that showcases a video we have created in a unique way by only showing how that video looks through our scopes. We generally edit in a fast paced, rhythmical way that transcribes really well into being just visualized via the scopes. Click the video below and enjoy our first ever scope Saturday! Keep your eyes peeled for more soon.

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Timeline Tuesday: Washington Commanders
August 23, 2022 in Behind The Scenes

The first in our Timeline Tuesday series on our Instagram reels peeks behind the curtains of our latest work for the Washington Commanders. The timeline is the backbone of any video editing, and in this reel you’ll see @mug5 ’s wild approach for this killer edit for the Washington Commanders’ new season trailer. View this post on Instagram A post shared by RIOT (@riotwashere)

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