Wall Street Journal: B2C Sizzle Reel

March 19, 2021
Wall Street Journal: B2C Sizzle Reel

Over the past few years we’ve helped Wall Street Journal create a plethora of content. From original content created for Wall Street Journal clients via their custom content division through direct work for the brand – creating and directing content for Wall Street Journal is always a pleasure.

Our latest creation for Wall Street Journal was a little different this time around. They approached us to create a sizzle reel that showcases all the amazing work Wall Street Journal has created for their clients over the past few years and that helps create a buzz about the future. As you can imagine, this was no small feat as Wall Street Journal has created a plethora of stunning content for their clients.

Hand drawn animations help compliment motion graphics and kinetic text by serving as a clever accompaniment to help further the story. We sifted through hours of footage to select the footage that comprise the final film showcased above.

Our B2C sizzle highlights content across varying platforms. From video content through events, we ensured we showcased not only the amazing work Wall Street Journal has been responsible for but also the vast array of talent that the brand align with. We approached the VO differently for this film, recording it AFTER the film was created so that it feels like it is a true accompaniment as opposed to building an edit around an already recorded VO. We think this approach was not only unique but worked really well and is something we will be using as a technique for other films in the future.

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