Old Sea Brigade & Luke Sital-Singh – Summertime Low

July 6, 2020
Old Sea Brigade & Luke Sital-Singh – Summertime Low

Old Sea Brigade & Luke Sital Singh might have accidentally captured the exact feeling of this summer while recording “Summertime Low” last year.  This vibe inspired our “locked off lockdown” concept for the accompanying music video.  We put together a camera package that would allow the guys to capture cinematic imagery of themselves while locked off in their respective homes.  We included three different styles of tripods to give the lads as wide a range of locked off shots as possible, Luke’s bedroom shot from above being the most inventive!

We shipped our camera package off to Ben in Nashville to capture his bits.  Ben then shipped the camera package to Luke in Los Angeles who, after shooting his scenes shipped the camera package back to us in New York to begin the edit.

Direction was provided to the lads in written form and via numerous video calls, but the overarching direction was to simply get an honest glimpse into their world’s during lockdown.  Most of the shots captured were “locked off” which offers a nice stylist consistency; even though the direction was the same, Ben & Luke approached shooting the video in their own unique way for the “Summertime Low” music video.

“Summertime Low” was a really fun and collaborative music video that everyone involved was very happy to be a part of.  Sometimes taking things back to basics is the way forward! “Summertime Low” is available now for purchase at all good retailers.

Enjoy the music video above and a gallery of our favorite stills from the video below.

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