BRIDES: Hannah Bronfman Cover Star Films

BRIDES: Hannah Bronfman Cover Star Films

Instagram influencer / DJ Hannah Bronfman will be gracing the cover of Brides magazine, for their July 2017 issue. We collaborated on this momentous occasion alongside Brides magazine, creating various content that could be used across all their channels – from square Instagram films, to some accompanying imagery in the magazine, all the way to the major highlight, our sixty second, fun (and tongue in cheek) “workout” film, which can be seen in all its glory above.

We loved collaborating with Brides on this and are confident you will see more magazine, cover star work from RIOT in the future. We love blurring the lines between the expected norms for a medium so enjoyed offering fun, different and cool moving visuals as an accompaniment to the standard print based imagery most magazine fans are akin.

This is our second time working with Hannah Bronfman on a magazine editorial shoot and as usual she was a huge sport and willing to embrace / try anything. Even when challenged with reversing the “crossing the threshold” wedding tradition by picking up and holding then fiancé Brendon Fallis, Hannah took it in her stride and did it without even breaking a sweat!

Congratulations to the happy couple and we wish you many years of happiness together! Below please find further content created as part of this larger campaign.


BRIDES: Hannah Bronfman Campaign – Director’s Cut

The film above is our Director’s cut and gives a full glimpse into the full range of awesome footage we captured during our time with Hannah. Many of the shots made it into the final pieces, many didn’t which is the reason for the inclusion of the Director’s cut.


BRIDES: Hannah Bronfman Behind The Scenes Film (15 Secs)

This film was specifically designed with Instagram in mind and our love lately of hypnotic looping. The idea is to create something that loops seamlessly so you’re never sure where the film begins or ends. You can see the Vimeo embed above but that only gives you one single loop. As such we have embedded our Instagram post here too so you can view the intended hypnotic looping concept.

BRIDES: Hannah Bronfman Workout Film Teaser (15 Secs)

Our second 15 second film was a quick highlight cut of our bigger picture 60 second film which you’ve likely already watched above. This was for specific channels, was square and gave Brides magazine fans a glimpse into what we were working on!

BRIDES: Magazine Article Accompanying Stills

Below is a gallery of five hi-resolution stills that we provided to Brides for use as accompaniment in the magazine.

Brides: Hannah Bronfman #5_4K

Brides: Hannah Bronfman #2_4K

Brides: Hannah Bronfman #4_4K

Brides: Hannah Bronfman #3_4K

Brides: Hannah Bronfman #1_4K

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