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Mac OS Tip: How to Save an Application that has the Beach Ball of Death
October 5, 2016 in Tips, Tricks & Hacks

This scenario is going to sound familiar to all of you reading this. While you’re usually a COMMAND & S god, today for some reason you’ve forgotten to do it.  Then, out of the blue, you do something, and up pops the famous Mac OS X Apple spinning beach ball of death. You’re a believer though, so you decide to give it a little time to allow it to “fix itself”. As such you go buy a coffee, or go smoke a cigarette – five minutes should be enough time for the computer to figure out what’s happening right? You come back to your desk and it’s still there. You start losing hope. That’s when you realize you’ve probably spent two hours working on something without saving and, of course, Adobe‘s auto-save hasn’t been efficiently working as per usual. As such you stand to lose a lot of work. Stop the spinning beach ball of death Eventually, as happens for all of us, you give up and Force Quit command (⌘⌥ esc) in the Apple Menu, lose the work and then have to re-do it all over again. The problem is that the second time around, the work never seems […]

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