Old Sea Brigade & Luke Sital-Singh – Amaranth Moonlight

August 31, 2020
Old Sea Brigade & Luke Sital-Singh – Amaranth Moonlight

“Amaranth Moonlight” is our third music video taken from the joint EP from Old Sea Brigade & Luke Sital-Singh titled “All The Ways You See In The Dark.” Again, due to COVID-19 restrictions this music video needed to be self filmed by the lads so this time we got creative with the camera we used. We have a hefty collection of vintage cameras, from Super 8 all the way through to Mini DV and ended up opting to send the lads one of our Sony Hi-8 cameras that was the first to have a grip around screen, something that was essential for self filming.

We continued this vintage trend by titling using a super old school title generator that takes a million years to program but the results were worth it. It was really fun to see how differently the lads approached this music video compared to “Summertime Low” and the differing technology definitely changed the shots captured. Our favorite shots are of Ben in the abandoned garage where he was able to get this amazing multi triangle lens flare! To make this even more fun we used an app to randomize where they shot the music video, essentially taking all the comfort and control away from them which resulted in a really honest, vintage music video that I wish 15 year old me had been able to create.

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