Clinique: Moisture Surge

March 2, 2018
Clinique: Moisture Surge

Our first in a series of new product films we collaborated with Clinique on. We were tasked with dropping the unique RIOT vibe on some pre-existing footage that Clinique had filmed in 2017. RIOT was tasked with creating a :30, :15 and various :06 second films from the footage for use across social channels. We had so much fun creating these films and are responsible for the edit, color, FX, supers and music supervision.

Broadcast across most Clinique regions, as of sharing, our Moisture Surge campaign has had 1.5 million views via the various Clinique accounts on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. The main :30 second edit is shown above and all further iterations and some embeds of the films in all their glory, on Clinique’s social networks are shown below.

Clinique: Moisture Surge Social Embeds

A selection of our work on Clinique's social networking accounts across the world.

Clinique: Moisture Surge Alternate Versions

Below are the various additional iterations we created for this campaign.
:06 Face Version
:06 Aloe Version
:06 Water Version
Social Version #1:
Social Version #2:
Social Version #3:
Social Version #4

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