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Song Of The Day: Maribou State feat. Pedestrian – The Clown
September 1, 2016 in Music

We take a lot of inspiration from music. We probably have music on in the background as we work 80% of the time. As part of our daily ritual we also curate the best new music through our other website where only the greatest songs or music videos will make it ensuring you can be comfortable just visiting the AltSounds site and letting it do the rest for you! Amongst an already great bunch of songs there are some that stand out as truly exceptional. These are the songs that we will feature here as and when they occur. The exceptional ones are the songs that you just can’t get past. By the end, you click back and listen again and again and again. Our first installation of this feature is “The Clown” by Maribou State, featuring Pedestrian and released on Counter Records. From the piano sound, through the mellow vocal tones to the after hours vibed beat and cool backwards strings at the end, “The Clown” literally has everything you could possibly want out of a song. Our true love for this song became apparent while driving, top-down through Hollywood. The weather was glorious and “The Clown” proved […]

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