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BookSmarts: The Midnight Library
March 16, 2023 in Books

It’s been a while since we spent some time reading for inspiration. Over the years since we wrote the very first BookSmarts journal, we’ve worked our way through a ton of books to take a moment away from the digital world and escape to find inspiration in a different format. This year we’re making sure we take some extra time to pick up more books and step outside the visual world for a few moments to get inspired. The first book we finished this year is just outside our comfort zone of reading non-fiction, as Matt Haug‘s ‘The Midnight Library” sits under philosophical fiction. “If you aim to be something you are not, you will always fail. Aim to be you.” ― Matt Haig, The Midnight Library When we’re deep in the creative world working on our projects we tend to get lost in thought and move in many different creative dimensions. It’s something we have to do to continue to push our creative agency outside the boundaries that usually limit creative works during the exchange from agency to brand. It’s these alternative worlds we look for, dream about, and explore like in our Aerospoke creations. In “The Midnight Library,” […]

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