FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016: Live Stream Final Four Opener

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016: Live Stream Final Four Opener

We were asked to create an epic, cinematic, emotion filled opener for the finals of this years FIFA Interactive World Cup which was held in New York City.

Incorporating footage of the final four players, beautiul cut scenes from FIFA 2016, previous tournament gameplay along with inspirational quotes from ex England captain and footballing legend Frank Lampard.

What made this project even more unique is we had to turn around the edit overnight, only getting all the footage needed at 1am with a hard deliverable of 10am. We thrive under pressure and are sure you will agree that what we managed to achieve here is inspirational, motivating and emotional. We also composed and performed the music used within this film too.

You can hear our full musical track “Wasteland” below. The track is available to license so HOLLA AT US if you’re interested in using it in your project.

At the last minute we also helped create a custom graphical “hashtag battle” interactive screen, a sample of which can be viewed below.

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016 | Live Stream Final Four Opener

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